Sunday, July 4, 2010

Causes Of Teenage Suicide: Teens Think Suicide

Most teenagers do think about death to certain extent. Teens who do not fit into their peer groups often feel depressed. They become withdrawn and are often forced into depression and it is depression which is one of the most important causes of teenage suicide. They think about death more deeply and rationally than children and adults. One of the most important facts is that they realize that death is permanent. But to some death may seem romantic for example, for those who get inspired by Shakespeare�s poetic saga � Romeo and Juliet, while for others it may be equally frightening and scary. But for many, death is a mystery, and is beyond the understanding capacity of human beings. In this article are discussed the main causes of teenage suicide.

�In 1996, more teenagers and young adults died suicidal deaths than by cancer, or AIDS or accidents.
�In the same year suicide was found to be the leading cause of death among college students and second leading cause of death among those aged 15-24 years.

Causes of teenage suicide:
There are various reasons that explain the causes of teenage suicides, but there are some common circumstances, which force teenagers into taking such extreme step.
�Failure: One of the major causes leading to suicide is failure. Often teenagers, who have a poor academic record, have to face criticism from their parents as well as teachers. Many, who are mentally weak, cannot tolerate this repeated rejection and hence force themselves to end their lives.
�Heart-Break: Another cause might be breaking up with girlfriend or boyfriend. Some teenagers may also take this step due to family issues which they are not able cope up with. Such teenagers feel neglected by their parents and rest of the family and resort to committing suicide.
�Mental Disorder: Scientists have found out that most teenagers who commit suicide undergo mental disorders or disturbances. Their disorder reaches a point where they lose their rational ability and fail to realize that suicide is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
�Biology: Some scientists have brought it into light that those teens whose relatives commit suicides can also commit suicides. Although this is not a direct cause of suicide, but certainly it states that those teens whose close relatives or parents commit suicides are at a risk because they got through depression and ultimately withdraw themselves from the rest of the world.
�Drugs: Studies have also shown how drug addiction can force teens into suicide. Such drugs often give teens suicidal thoughts.

The above discussed matters are not actually the causes of teenage suicide but rather cause that trigger suicides among teenagers. Causes of teenage suicide are diverse and are not limited a particular category.


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