Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aggressive Behavior Therapy: Aggression Under Control

Aggressive behavior among children, especially adolescents, is seen today as one of the major public problems. Last year many newspapers have reported incidents as to how some high school kids, shot at their own class-mates, friends and teachers. Although there has been a downward trend in events of youth violence, and homicide rates, these rates have still not fallen satisfactorily, and there is obvious concern that these rates might shoot up again. Aggression which can be defined as the �disturbed� behavior among the adolescents remains one of the most difficult problems to be researched on, studied and treated. Aggressive Behavior Therapy is the answer to this monster question. Aggressive Behavior Therapy can not only curb aggression among adolescents and adults but also would help reduce anxiety and hyperactiveness among them.

According to the Federal bureau of Investigation Report of 2000-2001, there have been at least 500 cases shoot outs in school. Besides this, the report also states that incidents of arrest of boys below the age of 18 years in disproportionately high, and that homicide is the chief cause of death among adolescents. Later in this article it is shown how Aggressive Behavior Therapy has helped dealing with this problem.

We cannot classify aggressive behavior as a separate disorder; rather it is an integral element of conduct disorder or anti-social behavior disorder, and this can be dealt with properly using Aggressive Behavior Therapy. Research on aggression has revealed that the major type of aggression is featured by high levels of arousal and bad modulation of behavior. This aggression is the result of a potential fight and so is defensive. Like most other mood disordered, aggressiveness is also characterized by rashness, hostile behavior, anger and above all fear and insecurity. Some mood disorders like anxiety and depression and very closely associated with aggression, and research had proved that anxiety can actually help in founding out the type and degree of aggression in children and adolescents.

Therapy and Treatment
There are not many effective treatments to curb the aggression behavior disorder. Also psychotropic drugs have had many unpleasant effects on their consumers. However, one technique is Aggressive Behavior Therapy. One such technique is aikido, which is similar to karate. It is used as a means to curbing aggressive behavior in youth and children. Researches on biofeedback and relaxation training have proved that these techniques are actually helpful in dealing with aggressive behavior. Massage therapy, many have suggested can be useful in dealing with disorder, although it has not been so far used as a technique of reducing aggressiveness among youth. Massage therapy has been however tried to deal with the cases of conduct disorder and depression.

Aggressive Behavior Therapy has revolutionized research and treatment in Aggression Disorder Control. Treating aggressive behavior disorder has thus become easier, thanks to Aggressive Behavior Therapy.

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