Friday, June 18, 2010

Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder: Treating Attention Disorder

Does your kid find it difficult to concentrate in the class? Have you received complaints from his/her teacher about him/her being inattentive in the class? The reason is Adolescent Attentive Deficit Disorder. There are hundreds of children around the globe suffering from Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder. However, advanced research has enabled effective treatment of this disorder, which has been the cause of concern for many people around the world.

Many parents comprehend that their child is actually going through an attention deficit disorder at a much later stage. Then how do you make out whether your child is going through this or not? Any child may show inattentiveness, distractibility, impulsivity, or hyperactivity at times, but the child with Attention Deficit Disorder shows these symptoms and behaviors more often and sternly than other children of the same age or developmental level. Attention Deficit Disorder occurs in 3-5% of school age children. Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder begins before the age of seven and can continue into adulthood. It runs in families with about 25% of biological parents also having this medical order.

Some of the symptoms of this disorder are:
�Difficulty in paying attention
�Inattention to minutiae and making careless mistakes
�Easily diverted
�Losing school materials, forgetting to turn in homework
�Problem with finishing class work and homework
�Difficulty in listening
�Trouble following compound adult commands
�Blurting out answers
�Toying or squirming
�Leaving seat and running about or climbing excessively
�Seems "on the go"
�Talking too much and has difficulty sitting quietly
�Interrupting or intruding on others

The child showing the symptoms of Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder should be shown to a pediatrician or family doctor immediately by his parents. He may refer his case to a learned and well researched psychiatrist, who could effectively treat the disorder. A child suffering from attention deficit disorder may also have other disorders like conduct disorder, anxiety disorder, depressive disorder or bipolar disorder. These should be treated with immediate effect.

Without proper treatment of this disorder, the child may suffer a lot. He may start lagging behind in academics, and friendships may suffer. Often such children experience failure more that success, and are often made a subject of criticism by both � teachers as well as parents.So the next time you see your kid distracted, don�t grumble about it. As a parent you should understand that the reason for this is Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder. Take him to a psychiatrist who can treat this disarray called Adolescent Attention Deficit Disorder can make your kid�s life successful.

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