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10 Most Common Phobias � The Fear Factor

A phobia can be defined as a morbid and irrational fear f certain objects/ persons or phenomenon. Many people have phobias that have been developed from the childhood, and there might or might not be a reasoning out. The cause of the phobia too might or might not be clear. It may or may not be genetic. It can be caused by the presence or the anticipation of the presence of that object, person or situation. In fact having a phobia of something is not a very uncommon phenomenon. A recent survey results show that in America at least 10 percent people have a phobia of some kind or the other. There are many types of phobias which can be categorized into the most common and the rarest category. The fears of a dentist, fear of using public toilets, fear of certain foods, all are phobias itself. Following are some of the most common phobias that are found in people �

10 most common phobias in people

The following list shows the 10 most common phobias in people �

1.Arachnophobia � this one tops the list because almost 50 percent women and more than 10 percent men suffer from this one.
2.Social phobia � This comes a close second. Social phobic persons have this constant fear that they will be wrongly judged in a crowd or social situation.
3.Aerophobia � This phobia indicates the fear of flying, whether on airplanes or in any other manner.
4.Agoraphobia � Intense fear of a place where, escape will be impossible. Many Americans suffer from this one.
5.Claustrophobia � Fear of being trapped in small and suffocating rooms, with crowds and too many people.
6.Acrophobia � Means the fear of heights
7.Emetophobia � Is the fear of vomiting.
8.Carcinophobia � This is the fear of cancer, where a person keeps anticipating that he will be the victim of this deadly disease.
9.Brontophobia � Is the fear of storms and thunder
10.Necrophobia � Is the fear of death, and being around dead persons.

Thus these are the commonest phobias. It should be noted however, that women are affected more with phobias of various kinds, than men.

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