Saturday, May 29, 2010

List of Genetic Disorders: A Mutation In The Set Of Genes

If there is a change in the DNA sequence of a gene then genetic disorders are caused and there is a list of genetic disorders. If there is a mutation in genes then there are chromosome abnormalities, single-gene disorders, and multifactorial as well as mitochondrial disorders. These problems occur when the chromosomes are missing, altered or duplicated or the protein product is missing in them. Excessive production of genes or copies of cell cytoplasm are also the causes of these and they are mentioned in the list of genetic disorders.

Following is the list of genetic disorders:
�Angelman syndrome:
This is caused due to an expression of a group of genes of chromosomes as any change in the combination of chromosomes can cause this disorder. It affects the brain badly and also it affects language movement and pigmentation in addition. This is an important factor when it comes to list of genetic disorders.

�Canavan disease:
This disorder appears in the list of genetic disorders because it is responsible in delaying the growth and progress of the child. There is great amount of shrinkage in muscles head as well as nerves. The main victims of this problem are children between three to four months. This is a fatal disorder and the treatment as well as cure for this problem is hard to find. Other factors like the background of the person are taken into consideration for a perfect detection of this problem.

�Color blindness:
When there is a difficulty in distinguishing of colors then the person suffers from a difficulty in color perception that is known as color blindness. Some of the people have a problem of a partial color blindness that refers to distinguishing of a particular type of color. The visual acuity of the person is not disturbed at all and hence except for the colors there is no problem in vision.

Other disorders:
Other disorders that contribute in the list of genetic disorders are cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, hemophilia, turner syndrome and many more. They are all related to the disorders of chromosomes and they have different reasons of causes related to chromosomes.

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