Friday, May 28, 2010

Light Therapy and Depression: Enlighten Your Days of Happiness

To get out of depression it is necessary that a person should be aware of all the possible treatments and one renowned treatment is the light therapy. Light therapy and depression are interrelated because it is the world known therapy used for seasonal affective disorder. Winter blues or darkness in winter can cause this depression and it is hard for the person to get out of depression. A full spectrum light box is used for treating this problem and it is also known as a SAD lamp. There are other associated disorders with this problem like the bipolar depression as well as sleep disorders associated with light therapy and depression.

Chose the correct light for treatment:
Most of the people use the lights at home for this treatment but it is always advisable to purchase a lamp especially for this purpose. The sole reason for this is that they are scientifically proven and tested so that the exact amount of light and radiation is given out and there is a facility of an ultraviolet filter that is fitted in. There is a hazard of skin cancer and other associated problems like cataracts if this filter is not used. Light therapy and depression are related since a long time as it is one of the most ancient measures that are followed. The intensity of light is also tested as there is a difference in the intensity of the problem.

Light boxes:
As light is one of the ancient measures of healing a lot of problems it is used widely these days. When it comes to light therapy and depression the main source is the usage of light boxes. There is an exact distance that is to be measured for an exact treatment as these boxes are made scientifically and tested. The recommended distance is 20 to 24 inches and a measuring tape should be used for the accurate measurement. A gap should be maintained while sitting in front of the light so that more benefits are observed. A regular sitting of twenty to thirty minutes in a day can solve the problem up to a great extent when it comes to light therapy and depression.

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