Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Integrated Body Psychotherapy � Knowing About It All!

Integrated body psychotherapy is defined as the utilization of traditional western training in psychology along with Eastern based traditions along with treatment for offering a mind/body/spiritual focus on receiving, understanding and potential remediation of life issues of clients. Initially, these Eastern practices were referred as alternative or complementary and now they are viewed as integrated techniques. These techniques are generally based on principles of Oriental and/or Ayurvedic medicine. Practitioners in psychology, medicine, counseling, and massage can be qualified for using the title of Integrated if they are licensed, certified, or recognized as qualified professionals within their respective fields and have attained recognized levels of training within another field of study also. Integrated body psychotherapy consists of powerful, holistic modalities that will help individuals to reach their highest potential, heal faster from injury or illness, achieve healthier relationships, overcome depression, anxiety and addictions through natural means, reduce pain and stress, as well as significantly improve overall health and well-being.

Who benefits from Integrated Body psychotherapy?

Well everybody who undertakes integrated body psychotherapy benefits but who needs it the most?
�Adults needing support with the ongoing life challenges or who are experiencing stuck feelings and require more satisfaction in their lives are the ones who need it the most.
�Anyone who is experiencing over-whelm from past and current traumas and is finding it difficult to survive and those who are struggling to feel present and healthy in their current life.
�Also included are adults looking to increase their performance skills: for instance athletes, musicians, dancers, artists and professionals.

Conclusion -

Integrated Body psychotherapy combines traditional talk therapy methods along with body centered techniques for providing an individualized treatment plan. It is personalized according to the needs of different people. The therapy adopted will be different for an athlete from the one adopted for a person facing traumas or dissatisfied with life. Integrated body psychotherapy can rejuvenate your life and make you feel enthusiastic. Thus it is up to you whether you want to use natural healing methods to gain strength or whether you want to go in for allopathic medicines with side effects in the offing.

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