Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Health Journal of Mental Health Policy

The health journal of mental health policy is a very prominent medical journal that produces original research in this field either on paper or in electronic form. Thus the information and the articles that have been produced in the health journal of mental health policy are easily available for reading on the Internet, as well on paper. It has been first published by IMCPE in March 1998 and the subsequently till 2003. This highly renowned book has a wide variety of aims. Following is a brief look into the scopes, aims and accomplishments of the health journal of mental health policy.

The health journal of mental health policy � Aims, scopes and achievements

The health journal of mental health policy is known to produce very high quality and researched material, which follows certain methodologies and goes into deep analysis regarding mental health issues and policies. There are a number of people like eminent psychologists, mental health workers, policy makers, public and private hospitals, and pharmaceuticals etc that come together and share information of various kinds. The main aims and discussions are regarding improvement in services and delivery of mental health facilities, newer policies, development of research techniques etc. This journal is the official journal of the world psychiatric association, and hence all the contributions and policies are mentioned in here, and so are the articles.

Instructions to authors and subscription procedures

The health journal of mental health policy has certain instructions regarding submission of manuscripts, which authors wish to get published. Following are the highlights -

�The language is English.
�Minimum 5 manuscripts should be submitted to the head office.
�Electronic submissions can be made
�Information regarding other formalities such as copyrights, review printing, title specifications, illustration prints etc is available in full detail on the Internet.

If you wish to subscribe for the health journal of mental health policy you can either go for personal subscriptions, institutional subscriptions or electronic subscriptions. Most of the issues are available on the Internet, and you can read them online. For more detailed information of health journal of mental health policy, their contact information is available on the website, and you can get in touch via telephone or e-mail.

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