Friday, April 16, 2010

Bracelets Magnetic Therapy � Mesmeric Healing

Bracelets Magnetic Therapy is the new-age healing technique based on the belief that magnetic fields have healing powers that can cure some disorders of the body an the mind. According to experts, magnetic therapy has healing powers that help cure unbearable pains, depression problems, arthritis, back problems and many more. Although there is no scientific study that proves the effectiveness of bracelets magnetic therapy, research has proved, that it is indeed beneficial.

Bracelets magnetic therapy � How?

Bracelets magnetic therapy is carried out by making the patients wear bracelets on their wrists for a stipulated period of a few weeks or so, after which the results are seen. Sportsmen and other athletes who claim that it gives them an edge over the others follow this therapy many a times. They claim that their performance is maximized and it gives them a boost. Also it gives them a more relaxed mind and spirit.

Magnetic bracelet shopping

These magnetic bracelets used for the bracelets magnetic therapy are readily available on the Internet in various shapes, sizes and attractive designs. The range starts generally from approximately 35 dollars. These bracelets are available in stainless steel, copper and durable titanium materials. You can order for them online and they will be delivered to your house in a matter of time.

Magnetic therapy advantages and positive effects

Following are some of the advantages that a bracelets magnetic therapy is known to have �

�It is a non-drug approach and thus all the side effects of drugs are avoided.
�It is a self-help therapy and the patient learns the patterns of his disease on his own.
�It is a flexible and a portable treatment because the bracelets go where you go, thus making it very convenient.
�And lastly it is known to have remarkable relief effects, better blood circulation and a feeling of freshness.

Thus these are the reasons why it has gained tremendous popularity among people today.

Although many people follow the bracelets magnet therapy, lot of scientists and experts have bunked it and said it is a waste of money. They say that bracelets magnetic therapy works under metaphysical beliefs, and hasn�t been scientifically proved, and thus disapproved by them strongly.

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