Monday, April 12, 2010

Behavioral Effects of Stress In Workplace: Don�t Let Stress Take You Over

Stress at work has become one of the major psychological disarrays people go through. It may lead to adverse behavioral effects of stress in workplace. The kind of work that is being done in workplaces has undergone drastic changes over the past 4 decades, and is still changing at blitz krieg pace. It includes a broad spectrum of diverse fields, starting from artists, surgeons and lawyers to commercial pilots. And of course, with change comes more stress, which poses great threat to physical health and work efficiency. Work related stress is not limited to a particular job or profession; it has gripped all fields of works and almost every profession. These behavioral effects of stress in workplace can be chronic and hence have to be dealt with in consultation with a good psychiatrist.

What does it mean?
Job stress is a serious disorder; it is chronic and hence, should be dealt in consultation with an expert. Job stress can negatively affect individual�s work efficiency, and on top of it can adversely affect a person�s mental and physical health. What manifests work stress is, one or more mental and physical illnesses. If this stress is ignored it might lead to degeneration of physical health. It would lead to some drastic behavioral effects of stress in workplace.

The degree of job stress differs from person to person depending on how much a person has been subjected to stressors. The symptoms or causes that can lead to behavioral effects of stress in workplace are insomnia, loss of mental concentration, anxiety, absenteeism, depression, substance abuse, extreme anger and frustration, family conflict, physical illnesses such as heart disease, migraine, headaches, stomach problems, and back problems. And all these symptoms can surely lead to adverse behavioral effects of stress in workplace.

Behavioral Changes
Too much of stress can lead to workplace violence, which may cause serious injuries to the person on whom violence is being inflicted. Many people, while under stress find it difficult to say �no� to additional commitments and assignments. You become intense on meager things. When under stress, you find it difficult to delegate to your assistants because of high standards you have set for yourself. This will in turn result in reduction of motivation. The person usually becomes withdrawn when under stress. It will ultimately affect the work capacity, and may even lead to disability altogether.

To prevent behavioral effects of stress in workplace affect your career adversely, you must ensure that while you finish your lot of work, you should spend adequate time on sleep. You should find for leisure and other activities that interest you. You should take regular breaks from work. This will ensure that there are no behavioral effects of stress in workplace.

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