Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Autoimmune Disorder System � Body Battle

Autoimmune disorder system is a very complicated disease of the whole immune system of the body, in which the immune system itself attacks the body cells and causes destruction of the tissues. This deadly autoimmune disorder system, in turn causes a lot of other disorders of the body, either general or specific to the body parts of the system. Following are some of the autoimmune disorders found to affect people�s various body parts �

�Systemic lupus erythematosus
�Rheumatoid arthritis
�Good pasture�s syndrome
�Grave's disease
�Hashimoto's thyroiditis
�Pemphigus vulgaris

Myasthenia gravis, Scleroderma, Autoimmune thrombocytopenic purpura and ankylosing spondylitis etc are some of the other disorders that affect the various parts of the body system.

Causes and symptoms of autoimmune disorder system

Although the causes of autoimmune disorder system are not very clear, according to recent research it is believed that there are hormonal, environmental and genetic factors that contribute to this disorder. Also mutation and damage of the immune system could be guessed as one of the vital reasons that might be the cause of these disorders. The symptoms of the autoimmune disorder system that can be seen are different for different organs of the system. The disease can thus be diagnosed on the basis of symptoms that occur and also by conducting a number of significant tests.

Treatment and prevention of autoimmune disorder system

The treatment for autoimmune disorder system is very specific to the disease of the particular organ, which has been affected. But there are many aspects to treating these disorders; following are some of the common ones that are used. Controlling inflammatory nature of the immune system with the help of drugs, systematic enzyme therapies, gene and spleen therapies etc are some of the common therapies that are used to treat autoimmune disorder system. Splenic eradiation is also a safe and a good alternative especially for people with autoimmune blood diseases. Although prevention is yet a question mark, due to the fact that the cause is not very clear, gene therapy is likely to be the answer to this grave question, in the future.

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