Monday, February 15, 2010

Magnesium For Depression: An Interrelationship of Physiology and Psychology

It is hard to believe that a mineral count in body can prove as a depression reliever. Almost five percent of people face this problem and it can complicate many things at a time. Depression can ruin the life of a healthy person and it can change the entire health structure. Magnesium for depression can be a boon and this was discovered when a female who was suffering from depression as well as a deficiency in magnesium took the tablet for increasing the count of magnesium. Incidentally it was found that she was relieved from depression by this intake. It not only benefited her mentally but also the physical problems were solved and magnesium for depression was proved as the best medicine.

An essential mineral:
Magnesium has a lot of positive effects and it balances the diet totally to give an exact result. A minimum dosage recommended is 350 milligrams in a day but there is negligence to this. There was a research conducted in which it was found out that due to the appropriate intake of magnesium supplements for two days there can be a great control over depression. Magnesium glycinate is found to be one of the best and effective diet supplements that can be used as medicine of magnesium for depression. This diet supplement contains some amount if calcium that plays the role of an antagonist on the magnesium.

Other facts about magnesium for depression:
During pregnancy females have a secretion of a hormone named estrogen that consumes a lot of magnesium form the body and hence it can lead to problems here also magnesium for depression is used. One of the major problems is depression as the magnesium count in the blood gets reduced due to consumption. Hence dietary supplement is advised to the people. An appropriate count of magnesium can lead to a control on blood pressure, heart disease as well as diabetes. These are various symptoms that help in the detection of this problem and an appropriate diet supplement should be followed in time for right kind of treatment. In this way magnesium for depression can be the accessible and best medicine for keeping depression away.

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