Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fatiguemean Stress � A Constant Worry

Fatiguemean stress can be defined as the algebraic ratio of the minimum stress to the maximum stress and the alternating stress amplitude to the mean stress in one stress cycle. Fatiguemean stress is the most common problem that is encountered by doctors, treating tired patients who want a rejuvenated life. Fatiguemean stress, sleep disturbances, depression, lack of freshness is the common complaints from patients. There are many causes for a stressed lifestyle. A correct study of the causes and the right treatment is very important to get cured of stress and fatigue.

Types and causes of fatiguemean stress

There are many causes that can be attributed as stress factors. They can be in fact divided in to internal and external fatiguemean stress factors. The external factors include the mental stress and depression that a person is going through, while external stress is the stress caused by the day today work and home environment. There can also be fatigue and stress related to physical work, but that is easy to ware off within a few days rest. It is more important to treat mental stress, as that can become dangerous. Before stress becomes a psychological problem it must be treated in the right manner.

Fatiguemean stress � How to solve it?

There are a number of treatments that are used to solve fatiguemean stress problems. Right from natural and herbal remedies to allopathic medicines, all comes off use. Following are some of the methods that you could use �
�Taking some time off and relaxing at a resort location
�Using prescribed drugs to solve the problem
�Consultations with a certified therapist and psychologist
�Yoga, prayer, pranayama and deep breathing, or meditation
�Regular exercise and a good diet
�Enrolling oneself into a stress management program can do wonders

Thus these are some of the methods of treatment that can be used to cure fatiguemean stress. It is very important that treatment is taken at the right time because otherwise it can lead to serious psychological problems, dementia and severe depression. Hence above mentioned are some of the causes and types of Fatiguemean stress

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