Thursday, December 24, 2009

Free Color Psychology Test- Its Time To Analyze Your Personality!

Color psychology

Colors have significant effect on the human nature and emotions and the choice of colors also determine the personality of the individual concerned. It is also a stream of �alternative medicine�. Different colors signify different hues. Free Color Psychology Test is all about �color psychology�. Colors are supposed to have different reactions on individuals in different situations. It is believed that every person has a natural proclivity towards a particular color and the vice-a-versa as well. That is, even colors have a natural inclination towards certain people. There is an �aura color� that describes every person. It is not necessary that the favorite color of a person is the same as his �aura color�. The �aura color� is the color which provides with an apt description of the individual. The Free Color Psychology Test basically aims at determining the �aura color�.

Different colors and their meanings:

As aforementioned, different colors have different connotations and Free Color Psychology Test is all a game of colors and their significances. Like red symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, intensity, negotiations and confrontations. It is not the most romantic color (as is popularly believed). The most romantic color is pink, which is supposed to have a tranquilizing effect. White means the presence of all colors and it reflects purity and serenity. People associated with the medical profession wear black to symbolize sterility. Black means the absence of all colors and implies authority and power. Blue and green represent peace and tranquility whereas dark green represents wealth and conservative nature. Yellow represents cheerfulness, attention gathering tendencies and optimism. Purple is the color of royalty and brown is that of reliability.

The test:

The Free Color Psychology Test is basically an endeavor to analyze the psychology of a person. It is a short test that involves making choices of colors or arranging them priority wise in an order to determine the present state of mind of the person taking the test. It also expounds on the general nature of the individual by analyzing the kind of emotional or psychological problems that the person may face in the future. It involves an examination of the nature of the person�s professional as well as professional life. And the most amazing feature is that the test is entirely based on what we call �color psychology�. The Free Color Psychology Test is sometimes criticized for not having any universal logic and proof behind it. But still the believers in �color psychology� can hardly be convinced.

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