Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doctoral Programs In Educational Psychology

Psychology is a vast subject and has many branches. Educational psychology is one of the major branches of psychology. This particular branch deals with the requirement of psychology in the field of education. Today the problems arising in the field of education are countless.There are graduate, masters and PhD level programs offered in educational psychology all over the country. The PhD programs are designed to integrate research and practice in the field of psychology.

The program requirements:

This program is done over a span of 3 to 5 years. The requirements of this program are usually as follows:

�The students are expected to have done an intensive master�s degree in the field or similar.
�The students have an apt knowledge about research method, learning theories, doctoral dissertation, specialization strand and emphasis area.

Program consists of:

The program is usually designed in the particular manner. The student has to take a doctoral core course. He can choose his area of interest. He must also choose the research topic and dissertation course. The student must have enough knowledge regarding the chosen field of interest.The course also involves an internship. They also concentrate on minor areas. Thus they complete three areas, the educational psychology core, the internship and the minor area of the subject.


The completion of this program will enable the student to start practice in schools and other educational institutes. The individual is able to start his practice as a counselor or a teacher at any levels. After having done this program the person will have mastered the research skills and techniques. A doctoral degree is required by a practicing psychologist.

Colleges and universities offering educational psychology doctoral programs:

Following is the list of colleges and institutions offering the doctoral program in educational psychology.
1)University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
2)National Louis university
3)Ball state university
4)Indiana university Bloomington
5)Walden university
6)Capella university
7)New York university (school of education)
8)University of Maryland ( college of education)

There are many other institutes that offer the program, but are not mentioned here.

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