Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dementia Care Seattle � Care For The �Special Ones�

Dementia is not a disease, but a disorder. It can be defined as �mental deterioration of organic or functional origin.� Dementia care is a very important and growing concern among people today. It is very difficult to deal with these patients and thus home care is an option that very few prefer. Dementia care Seattle has been a source of relief to the residents in the town, as there are a number of care units, voluntary and government aided, that take complete care of patients suffering from the symptoms. Before discussing a bit more on the dementia care Seattle centers, following is a bit more on dementia symptoms, causes and treatment.

Dementia - symptoms causes and cures

Following are some of the causes and symptoms that you are likely to find in patients suffering from dementia �
�Causes � There are many causes that can cause dementia among patients. But these are some of the common ones. Alzheimer�s, Parkinson�s disease, and head trauma and depression are the prime reasons.
�Symptoms � loss of brain function, memory loss, confusion, lack of ability to deal with routine or common problems, withdrawal, talking to oneself, mood swings, slow walk etc. These are some of the symptoms that can be found in dementia patients.
�Treatment � There are a number of ways of treating dementia according to specific patient needs. It can be treated through medication slowly and steadily. If it is of a mild form then visiting physicians is a must. Also other advanced treatments like shocks etc are given.
The dementia care Seattle centers takes complete care of the patients, also lifelong care if needed.

Dementia care in Seattle � A boon to patients

There are many dementia care Seattle centers in the town. Following are some of the well known ones, which have done considerable research and work in the field.
1.Swedish medical center
2.Foss home and village
3.Leader to leader non profit organization
These dementia care Seattle centers have extremely genuine staff, and take extreme efforts to take care of their patients. They are treated with dignity and respect, and scientifically looked after. They are taken care of positively and with genuine feeling. More information, contact etc is available on their respective websites on the Internet.

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