Thursday, December 31, 2009

Herbal Remedies For Depression � A Good Option

Are you suffering from depression? Using anti-depressants to cope with it? Then you should consider using herbal remedies for two reasons. Firstly, herbs have been known to be effective and have been used since time immemorial. And secondly because herbal remedies for depression will come with fewer or sometimes with even no side effects. Stated below are some herbal remedies for depression -

Kava Kava (Piper methysticum)

Kava Kava is amongst the main herbal remedies for depression. It is a very quick and has a calming effect on the nervous system with an uplifting, euphoric feeling. Kawa Kawa is also a muscle relaxant and mild sedative. It is specifically good for anxiety, depression, stress, irritability and insomnia. Kava is excellent for people whose mind races.

St. John�s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

St. John's Wort is a gentle sedative that has a calming effect on the nervous system and also possess some restorative properties. It is specifically for mild depression, anxiety, tension and irritability. It works by increasing the level of neurotransmitters in the CNS such as serotonin and dopamine. It is important to note that both Kava Kava and St. John's Wort are such herbal remedies for depression, which should not be used with medical anti-depressant drugs.

Damiana (Turnera diffusa)

Like the other herbal remedies for depression, this one is also a nerve tonic with a restorative property. Thus it can have a good calming effect and is also specific in cases of anxiety and mild depression. Also, Damiana is well known for its aphrodisiac properties.

Scullcup (Scutellaria lateriflora)

This is quiet relaxing and gentle sedative for the CNS. Compared to other herbal remedies for depression, this is very good for nervous tension and for nervous exhaustion plus for neurological and neuromotor problems.

Verbena (Verbena officinalis)

This acts like a relaxing tonic for the nervous system and can be used for a wide range of nervous disorders. These include nervous exhaustion and stress. This makes its position vital amongst herbal remedies for depression.

Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata)

Unlike many other herbal remedies for depression, this is a non-addictive sedative which relaxes the nervous system. It is specially helpful for nervous disorders like heart palpitations, anxiety, convulsions, epilepsy, insomnia and stress.

Withania (Withaniasomnifera)

This is an ayurvedic herb commonly known as Ashwaghanda. It is a very good tonic herb most helpful for debility and nervous exhaustion due to stress.

Your naturopath or nutritionist will be able to advise you about which remedy to use from amongst all the herbal remedies for depression stated above. Also you must note that the list of herbal remedies for depression mentioned above is not exhaustive and you can find many more such herbs.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Health Farm Holiday � Healthy Rejuvenation

Gone are the days when five star hotels and restaurants served greasy food in the name of gourmet, and you came back looking plumper than ever. Holidays today, are more inclined towards healthy eating habits, rejuvenation activities and leisure breaks, to get that fatigue out of your system. This is primarily why a health farm holiday is a most preferred way of spending annual vacations today. A health farm holiday not only offers all the amenities and environment of a luxurious holiday, but also shapes you up health wise, and you are guaranteed to come back looking fitter and healthier than you ever have! Thus these health farms are basically places that offer a wide spectrum of activities. Following are some of them �

Health farm � Activities and facilities

There are many activities that can be carried out while on a health farm holiday. And these health farms also offer a lot of facilities for their clients. Following is a comprehensive list of what you are likely to find on a health farm holiday �

1.Health farms arrange for trainings sessions of gym and athletic activities, personal fitness etc. You are provided with your own personal instructor also if intimated.
2.Pampering you with the best therapies and rejuvenation techniques is guaranteed in a health farm.
3.You can go for beauty therapies, massages and alternative treatments like reiki, shiatsu, Indian head massage, holistic massage etc, which are given by expert therapists and beauticians. Generally all these staff are licensed and trained in their jobs.
4.The health farms are usually situated on picturesque resort towns or other scenic locations like beaches or hill stations. Thus you are bound to have a great place to unwind and relax after your daily health routine.
5.The health farms have restaurants and spa facilities, swimming courts and sport halls. Each has a choice to indulge in his/her own passion.
6.The resorts also provide many other facilities like boutiques and beauty shops, local accessories shops etc.

Thus Health farm holiday with the above facilities and amenities can make your holiday go perfect. So for a relaxing and a truly spiritual experience, a health farm holiday can be a perfect getaway from the daily hullabaloo of your routine.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fremont Massage Therapy � The Epitome Of Recreation

Massage and body relaxation therapies have always been a popular way of rejuvenation. Fremont massage therapies are provided in every city or town, irrespective of its size. Fremont massage therapy in California has many massage therapists and salons that provide services of expert masseurs. Fremont massage therapy is a very relaxing way of spending time if you are a visitor in Fremont. The therapists who give these Fremont message therapies are certified with licenses and the salons have a clean atmosphere, sometimes with a captivating ambience. There are many types of massages and internationally applied treatments that you can avail here. You can choose from a number of styles of massages and treatments, and consult your therapists regarding your choice, and they will help you choose the one that suits your liking or problem the best.

Fremont message therapy � Features

Following are some of the features of the Fremont massage therapy salons that make them a favorite among the locals as well as tourists �

�Firstly these places do not discriminate against race, color, danger or sexual orientation.
�The experts are trained and cater to individual needs and specifications.
And these places are licensed and thus no illegal activities are entertained. Family massage center is one of the famous therapy centers in Fremont, among many others.

Fremont massage therapy styles

Following are some of the specific massages that are provided by Fremont massage therapy experts �
�Deep tissue massage
�Injury massages
�Swedish messages
�Medical messages
�Prenatal messages
�Sport massages

Apart from these there are specialized therapies like Detox-Guasha, Raindrop Therapy, Ear Candling etc which are a part of Fremont massage therapy. These massages are practiced at all the renowned and expensive salons and spas in the world, and have specific purposes. Massages are generally followed by steam and sauna facilities too. Many of the Fremont massage therapy centers have their contact info on the net, and some have their comprehensive service details too. So next time you are in Fremont and have a bit of free time on hand you know where to head!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free Marriage Counseling: Save Your Marital Life

Marriage counseling is done for those people who intend to look out for the best of alternatives to save their marriages. There are many free online consultancy services that are provided for the people who seek for the best of advices to cave their marriages. Free marriage counseling on the Internet is confidential, private, affordable and convenient. There are many other institutes like marriage and family enrichment resource organization for churches, community organizations, the US military, schools and businesses but they basically seek for money in turn of their services. But the Free marriage counseling is one of best options for people who do not intend to lose out money on such issues.

Problems faced in couples:

Most of the couples face a problem of communication gap and they tend to have an argument over petty issues. It is a problem for many women to handle home and work in coordination and hence the frustration of work can hamper the relationship. Many of the parents are affected by the behavior of the children in school like the misbehavior of the child in school. If there is a loss of family member then it can create a great impact on the person and the whole family. Depression and other psychological problems like borderline personality disorders are prone to have problems in their marital life. Free marriage counseling can be a boon for such people who seek for such kind of an advice.

Work of the counselors:

Counselors help in developing community awareness through our resources, website, media, conferences and email newsletters. There is also a provision of activities like education through seminars, curriculum development and cooperative learning. Couples are trained so that there is a development of leadership and decision-making ability. Free marriage counseling provides facilitator trainings and Internet learning opportunities to the couples. There are many video-based educational programs are a part of free marriage counseling programs on the Internet. This counseling is basically brief, solution focused, specific and designed with and an end in mind.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Free Color Psychology Test- Its Time To Analyze Your Personality!

Color psychology

Colors have significant effect on the human nature and emotions and the choice of colors also determine the personality of the individual concerned. It is also a stream of �alternative medicine�. Different colors signify different hues. Free Color Psychology Test is all about �color psychology�. Colors are supposed to have different reactions on individuals in different situations. It is believed that every person has a natural proclivity towards a particular color and the vice-a-versa as well. That is, even colors have a natural inclination towards certain people. There is an �aura color� that describes every person. It is not necessary that the favorite color of a person is the same as his �aura color�. The �aura color� is the color which provides with an apt description of the individual. The Free Color Psychology Test basically aims at determining the �aura color�.

Different colors and their meanings:

As aforementioned, different colors have different connotations and Free Color Psychology Test is all a game of colors and their significances. Like red symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, intensity, negotiations and confrontations. It is not the most romantic color (as is popularly believed). The most romantic color is pink, which is supposed to have a tranquilizing effect. White means the presence of all colors and it reflects purity and serenity. People associated with the medical profession wear black to symbolize sterility. Black means the absence of all colors and implies authority and power. Blue and green represent peace and tranquility whereas dark green represents wealth and conservative nature. Yellow represents cheerfulness, attention gathering tendencies and optimism. Purple is the color of royalty and brown is that of reliability.

The test:

The Free Color Psychology Test is basically an endeavor to analyze the psychology of a person. It is a short test that involves making choices of colors or arranging them priority wise in an order to determine the present state of mind of the person taking the test. It also expounds on the general nature of the individual by analyzing the kind of emotional or psychological problems that the person may face in the future. It involves an examination of the nature of the person�s professional as well as professional life. And the most amazing feature is that the test is entirely based on what we call �color psychology�. The Free Color Psychology Test is sometimes criticized for not having any universal logic and proof behind it. But still the believers in �color psychology� can hardly be convinced.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Epigenetic Theories In Psychology - Some More Theories

The epigenetic theory in psychology was propounded by the very famous man Erickson. He believed that childhood plays a very important role in personality development. He accepted the theories of id, ego, and superego. But he refuses to accept Freud's attempt to describe personality solely on the basis of sexuality. He feels that personality continued to develop beyond five years of age. All of the stages in the Epigenetic Theory In Psychology are completely present at the time of birth; it is just that they unfold according to both the innate procedure and the up-bringing in a family that expresses the values of tradition and culture. As per the Epigenetic Theories In Psychology, each stage builds in accordance with the preceding stages. Every stage is marked by a psychosocial crisis, which is based on physiological development, but also on the demands placed on the individual by parents or the society and even both.

What are the stages involved in it?

The following are the stages involved in the Epigenetic Theories In Psychology:

�Basic Trust vs. Mistrust
�Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
�Initiative vs. Guilt
�Industry vs. Inferiority
�Identity vs. Role Confusion
�Intimacy vs. Isolation
�Generativity vs. Stagnation
�Ego Integrity vs. Despair

Ego and psychology:

The Epigenetic Theories In Psychology hold certain tenets that differentiate the theory from Freud's. Some of them include:

�The ego is of utmost importance.
�Partly ego is able to operate independently of the id and the superego.
�The ego is a commanding agent that can adapt to situations, thereby promoting
�Mental health and fitness.
�Social and sexual factors both playing an important role in personality development.

The Epigenetic Theories In Psychology are more comprehensive than Freud's, and include information on "normal" personality as well as neurotics. The scope of personality to incorporate society and culture, not just sexuality has been broadened. Criticism of these theories, in addition to the factors discussed so far, have noted that he has not done any statistical research to generate the theories, and it is very hard to test his theories in order to confirm them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Electronic Health Records Software: A Flexible Electronic Record

Electronic health records software is used for the best and ultimate and best health records a best way is to have a health recorder for current updates for knowing personal health. This is a user friendly medical device that is easy and convenient to use and the customer support is taken care of. This is also known as a patient tracking software as it has a collection of a centralized medical record and the diagnosis is much more effective. It is the best way to many to manage a full clinical experience, including appointment scheduling, office visits, labs, health maintenance, referrals, authorization and medications. Electronic health records software is known vividly for increasing profitability and a great help in medical practices.

The EMR software:

This device can be used to track records of a patient from anywhere at anytime as there are advanced features it is seen that there is a secured access to the records. There is an elimination of common errors that are associated with misread prescriptions. As this is a new instrument invented in the latest time there are specialized designs with patented technologies. Due to its flexibility and high performance it is seen that it has a very low cost of ownership, there is a significant growth in the sale of Electronic health records software. One can save time as well as money by the usage of this software and there is an assurance of the best care of patients.

Other advantages:

It is a great time saver as a lot of time is spent with the analysis of the patient and it�s not wasted in acquiring the past records of the patient. As there is a connection of this device with the wireless technology it is seen that the latest updated and information is taken into consideration when the patient is examined. There is an additional advantage of the electronic health records software that latest updates from the government and healthcare industry are also considered. Electronic health records software can help in providing personalized patterns of templates to ease out work.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doctoral Programs In Educational Psychology

Psychology is a vast subject and has many branches. Educational psychology is one of the major branches of psychology. This particular branch deals with the requirement of psychology in the field of education. Today the problems arising in the field of education are countless.There are graduate, masters and PhD level programs offered in educational psychology all over the country. The PhD programs are designed to integrate research and practice in the field of psychology.

The program requirements:

This program is done over a span of 3 to 5 years. The requirements of this program are usually as follows:

�The students are expected to have done an intensive master�s degree in the field or similar.
�The students have an apt knowledge about research method, learning theories, doctoral dissertation, specialization strand and emphasis area.

Program consists of:

The program is usually designed in the particular manner. The student has to take a doctoral core course. He can choose his area of interest. He must also choose the research topic and dissertation course. The student must have enough knowledge regarding the chosen field of interest.The course also involves an internship. They also concentrate on minor areas. Thus they complete three areas, the educational psychology core, the internship and the minor area of the subject.


The completion of this program will enable the student to start practice in schools and other educational institutes. The individual is able to start his practice as a counselor or a teacher at any levels. After having done this program the person will have mastered the research skills and techniques. A doctoral degree is required by a practicing psychologist.

Colleges and universities offering educational psychology doctoral programs:

Following is the list of colleges and institutions offering the doctoral program in educational psychology.
1)University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
2)National Louis university
3)Ball state university
4)Indiana university Bloomington
5)Walden university
6)Capella university
7)New York university (school of education)
8)University of Maryland ( college of education)

There are many other institutes that offer the program, but are not mentioned here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Depression Hospitalization Stories- They Are Life and Death Experience!

What are they exactly?

Have you ever experienced depression? The answer might be yes! But the next question is that have you ever been hospitalized for depression? Thinking why hospitalized for depression? Well, yes there are many recorded cases of people who have been admitted in hospitals for depression. And it is there depression hospitalization stories are to note.
It is not that there stories are important but yes the recovery that matters. You might be wondering what these stories are. They are stories that will help you understand your situation better in depression. It will be help to you when you try and realize that the situation people have been put into these depression hospitalization stories.

The story by the suffer herself!!

She was facing sever anxiety and depression and then was hospitalized. But did the hospitalization actually aggravate her anxiety or did it help her recover herself soon. One must know what happened with her. It is only one of the depression hospitalization stories

The story!

It was a year back when one of those nights she got up, as she felt breathless, heart pounding- feeling like she was suffocated. Pacing towards the floor she fell down until the attack she got was normalized. She returned to bed mystified. The attack returned the next day also. Her situation has to be seen as sever as it is also a part of depression hospitalization stories.

Now it was going to be the third time she would be admitted to the hospital again. She was loaded with medicines to be taken at regular intervals that too in heavy doses. She was to treated in the hospital for a week and to was only after that when she was asked to go back home. But the attack returned again an month later causing more severs pains and more problems for the future! This is just one of the situations among the depression hospitalization stories.

What do we learn?

It is these depression hospitalization stories which teach us that we have to strong enough to face situations like this. It is these people who have bravely fought out the situation. They very strong enough to come out of the clutched of depression. After all it is medical and mental both. So medicines work only when the mental state is completely satisfied. So next time you plan to read depression hospitalization stories, read them to realize that you are in the shoes of a person who has faced the situation you are only reading!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dementia Care Seattle � Care For The �Special Ones�

Dementia is not a disease, but a disorder. It can be defined as �mental deterioration of organic or functional origin.� Dementia care is a very important and growing concern among people today. It is very difficult to deal with these patients and thus home care is an option that very few prefer. Dementia care Seattle has been a source of relief to the residents in the town, as there are a number of care units, voluntary and government aided, that take complete care of patients suffering from the symptoms. Before discussing a bit more on the dementia care Seattle centers, following is a bit more on dementia symptoms, causes and treatment.

Dementia - symptoms causes and cures

Following are some of the causes and symptoms that you are likely to find in patients suffering from dementia �
�Causes � There are many causes that can cause dementia among patients. But these are some of the common ones. Alzheimer�s, Parkinson�s disease, and head trauma and depression are the prime reasons.
�Symptoms � loss of brain function, memory loss, confusion, lack of ability to deal with routine or common problems, withdrawal, talking to oneself, mood swings, slow walk etc. These are some of the symptoms that can be found in dementia patients.
�Treatment � There are a number of ways of treating dementia according to specific patient needs. It can be treated through medication slowly and steadily. If it is of a mild form then visiting physicians is a must. Also other advanced treatments like shocks etc are given.
The dementia care Seattle centers takes complete care of the patients, also lifelong care if needed.

Dementia care in Seattle � A boon to patients

There are many dementia care Seattle centers in the town. Following are some of the well known ones, which have done considerable research and work in the field.
1.Swedish medical center
2.Foss home and village
3.Leader to leader non profit organization
These dementia care Seattle centers have extremely genuine staff, and take extreme efforts to take care of their patients. They are treated with dignity and respect, and scientifically looked after. They are taken care of positively and with genuine feeling. More information, contact etc is available on their respective websites on the Internet.