Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water Massage Therapy

Massage - one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy, is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading various areas of the body to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. So what is water massage therapy? As the name implies, hydrotherapy or water massage therapy refers to the use of water for therapeutic purposes. Specifically, in this form of therapy, water in all its forms is used (internally and externally) to assist in healing.

Why Only Water Massage Therapy?

There are several different mechanisms which are responsible for water's therapeutic effects. For one, immersion in hot water helps to increase circulation by raising body temperature and by dilating blood vessels. Also submersion in water also takes a great deal of pressure off the body (body weight) creating a soothing sense of weightlessness and relieving pressure on tired, aching joints and muscles. Additionally, water massage therapy often involves use of water in motion, which acts to massage the body, whether in soft, soothing waves or even in firm jets of water pressure. Also hydrotherapy also has internal applications, like colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, in which water is circulated through colon for flushing out impurities and body toxins.

Few examples of water massage are:

�Watsu Water Massages
Watsu is a type of water massage therapy which focuses on the patient floating on their back in a warm water while being stretched and massaged. Some benefits are relieving pressure and loosening of the body's muscles and joints, increasing flexibility, raising the body temperature to increase circulation etc.

�Hydrotherapy Massages
This type of water massage therapy begins with partial submersion in a tub of warm water that contains aromatic essential oils. After soaking for a certain amount of time, the patient receives a massage either by direct hands on contact with the patient's body or through the use of a pressured hose. The benefits are almost same as those of the Watsu massage

�"Dry" Aqua Massages
In this type of water massage therapy, a person receives a massage either from above while lying on the stomach on a "tanning bed" style table or from below while lying on the back on an "open air" table. For both kinds of dry water massage therapy, the water is contained in the chamber above or below the patient�s body and so they never come in direct contact with the water. This massage can also be specifically focused in dealing on with any problem areas such as the neck or back.


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