Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video Feedback Therapy � Alternative Miracles

Video feedback therapy has been gaining prominence as a very effective treatment in treating difficult illnesses. Basically video feedback therapy uses the behavior of sample patients by video recording them. This therapy is also known by another name � neuro cognitive feedback therapy. There are many reasons why this treatment is getting popular as an alternative practice. Following are some of the reasons for its popularity and also the benefits of using video feedback therapy in treating certain disorders �

Video feedback therapy � What disorders does it treat

Here are some of the neurological and psychiatry related diseases that can be treated by the use of video feedback therapy �
2.Chronic fatigue syndrome
3.Trauma patients
4.Helps a person change dominant ideas about himself
5.Helps in improvement of memory power
6.Used to help parents in gaining awareness of their interaction with their children and helping them improve their conduct.
Thus neuro cognitive feedback therapy is used to treat all these disorders. And it is really beneficial because of the fact that it is used as an alternative to use of medications to treat the diseases. Thus side effects of medicines can be avoided.

Video feedback therapy � How it works?

Video feedback therapy is used instead of medication to treat the above-mentioned diseases. Instead of using medicines, what it does is make use of electrical activity in the brain to treat the symptoms. This positive electrical activity can be sent to the brain by using a feedback program while the patient works with a video game on a computer screen. This promotes changes in the brain, as positive responses are received, which create a balance and makes permanent changes in the brain. This is used by occupational therapists these days, and they have been seeing fabulous results. Video feedback therapy also helps in improving memory power, and almost 70 percent of the patients who have taken it have seen the benefits. Although many claim of its advantages, there are some who are not to convinced with the treatment. Video feedback therapy sessions are conducted in some places, with a fee of roughly 300 dollars for a weekly course. More comprehensive information regarding this is available on the Internet.

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