Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sexual Behavior Therapy (The Necessity)

One�s sexual behavior plays a very important role in his/her life. It is important to have the correct sexual tendencies. Sexual expression is a natural thing. One should be able to lead a normal and a healthy sexual life.Some people feel an overwhelming desire for sex all the time, others are not able to perform sexually and some others have sexual phobias of different kind. This is when they must get help. There are a variety of therapies constructed to help these people.

Some therapies:

One must realize that an abnormal sex life can lead to innumerable physical as well as psychological problems. In humans unlike in animals, sex involves emotions. Absence of emotions cannot be considered standard. Following are some techniques or therapies that might prove helpful.
�Psychosomatic handling: this treatment can be done through individual or group therapies. In individual therapy the person come face to face with his counseling and get guidance and counseling sessions regarding the topic. In group guidance there is a whole group with similar problems and they are counseled together.
�Analysis or counseling: marriage counseling is necessary when either of the spouses feel that they are not leading a regular sex life. They may sometimes feel that their marriage is in jeopardy because this problem is graver than it seems. Counseling sessions can be given to even those individuals who are not married and yet have a sex life. Adolescents sometimes loose control and deal into multiple partners.
�Anti depressants: doctors prescribe drugs that act as anti depressants. Depression is many times the reason for inability to perform sexually.
�Therapies suggested for alcoholics and chain smokers: a study shows that chain smoking can make a person impotent. Alcohol can also cause this problem if over consumed. Naltrexon is a drug given to people who are drug addicts or alcoholics.

The simplest method to cure oneself from any kinds of sexual problems is leading a healthy life. Avoiding obesity and anemia is important for the organ to function normally. Eating and living healthy is the only precaution and cure.

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