Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cutting Disorders- Very Dangerous !

What are cutting disorders?

Everyone has their way of dealing with depression, some cry, some talk it out and some lock it up in their heart and keep feeling miserable. However there are some who cut themselves. These people suffer form a peculiar disorders. These disorders are known as cutting disorders. They do not realize that the injury they are making could worsen and get critical at some point of time in their life. it is a type of self injury which is done by scratching and cutting the skin with sharp objects. The cut is deep enough to make the skin bleed. These marks are made on wrists, arms, legs or bellies. Other types of injuries, which are done, are by burning the skin with cigarette or matchstick. Let�s know more about cutting disorders.

The possible reason for the development of this disorder:

There is no definite reason for cutting disorders to develop. The possibilities can be extreme. They could either be very grave, or incredibly futile. More often than not, the children and people who develop this disorder are those who are introverts and aggressive by nature. They are not able to openly speak about their feelings and emotions. When angry or depressed they are not able to express it. This is why they resort to hurting themselves in order to overcome the heartache. After cutting they become embarrassed of the marks that are left, hence they seclude themselves in order to hide the marks. Research shows that this phenomenon of disorder is more common among the girls.

How can it be treated?

These desperate people should be helped in everyway possible. It is important for the concerned people to realize that if cutting disorders continues, could be very dangerous. The person may over bleed on some occasions. If ever you notice that someone is wearing full sleeves during summer, realize something is wrong. Approach the persona and make her/him talk to you. Help the person to open up and speak out the problems. If you are suffering from cutting disorders, ask close ones for help. The problem trigging the cutting action should be analyzed and solved instantly. These people can be taken to the professional counselors for help. They could be prescribed anti depressants. Thus, this problem can be dealt with.

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