Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cutting Disorders- Very Dangerous !

What are cutting disorders?

Everyone has their way of dealing with depression, some cry, some talk it out and some lock it up in their heart and keep feeling miserable. However there are some who cut themselves. These people suffer form a peculiar disorders. These disorders are known as cutting disorders. They do not realize that the injury they are making could worsen and get critical at some point of time in their life. it is a type of self injury which is done by scratching and cutting the skin with sharp objects. The cut is deep enough to make the skin bleed. These marks are made on wrists, arms, legs or bellies. Other types of injuries, which are done, are by burning the skin with cigarette or matchstick. Let�s know more about cutting disorders.

The possible reason for the development of this disorder:

There is no definite reason for cutting disorders to develop. The possibilities can be extreme. They could either be very grave, or incredibly futile. More often than not, the children and people who develop this disorder are those who are introverts and aggressive by nature. They are not able to openly speak about their feelings and emotions. When angry or depressed they are not able to express it. This is why they resort to hurting themselves in order to overcome the heartache. After cutting they become embarrassed of the marks that are left, hence they seclude themselves in order to hide the marks. Research shows that this phenomenon of disorder is more common among the girls.

How can it be treated?

These desperate people should be helped in everyway possible. It is important for the concerned people to realize that if cutting disorders continues, could be very dangerous. The person may over bleed on some occasions. If ever you notice that someone is wearing full sleeves during summer, realize something is wrong. Approach the persona and make her/him talk to you. Help the person to open up and speak out the problems. If you are suffering from cutting disorders, ask close ones for help. The problem trigging the cutting action should be analyzed and solved instantly. These people can be taken to the professional counselors for help. They could be prescribed anti depressants. Thus, this problem can be dealt with.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dallas Swedish Massage Therapy� A Stress Buster

Dallas is a large commercial and industrial city in northeastern Texas. Being a business town, its people lead a rather stressed out life. This is why they have come up with the magnificent Dallas Swedish massage therapy. This therapy is inspired from the famous Swedish massage therapy. What makes Dallas Swedish massage therapy popular and good is that it acts as a super stress buster. After having it done ones, make you keep coming back for more. It has many western qualities, but it is basically a therapeutic massage. This massage helps in proper circulation and promotes relaxation. It is different from the Chinese massage, which is done not done with oils and lotions. This massage was the first to introduce the benefits of massage to the western world.

About The Swedish Massage:

This massage entered into the United States of America from Europe in the 19th century, when a Swedish psychologist used it on his American clients as a therapy. Dallas Swedish massage therapy principally has five types of strokes. Effleurage, which means gliding, petrissage that would be kneading, then comes friction, which means rubbing then followed by tapotement meaning pounding and finally vibration that is shaking. This massage on the whole is typical, however each therapist develops her or his unique styles of massage, keeping the basic five strokes on their mind because each of them offer different benefits which are essential in a massage. This is a whole body massage, which is done with very fabulous soothing oils and revitalizing lotions. These oils and lotions are drawn from herbs.

The Most Popular Swedish Massage:

The most popular of Swedish massages will be the deep tissue massage. Dallas Swedish massage therapy works on similar grounds. This massage is done with the use of soft tissues, which are at first warmed. It is said that clients do not like getting this massage done because of the excess use of tissues. That is not true, the idea of being massaged by a tissue isn�t always a pleasant idea. However, if the massage is carried out skillfully and well then it can indeed be a very enjoyable experience. It is done slowly and with downward strokes. Slightly altered from the deep tissue massage is the connective tissue massage. Dallas Swedish massage therapy is one of the most innovative techniques to help you overcome the nerve-racking everyday life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Compression Therapy Edema: The Use Of Compression Therapy For Edema

Edema or oedema and formerly known as dropsy is swelling of any organ or tissue due to accumulation of excess fluid. Edema has many root causes but its common mechanism is the accumulation of fluid into tissues. If edema occurs in the entire body, then it is called generalized (anasarca). In some cases, it can be limited to only some parts or organs, where it is called as localized. Edema without a modifier is usually referred as peripheral edema, which is edematous swelling from the legs upwards. There are two types of edema namely pitting edema and non-pitting edema. While the former is present if pressing of the affected body part creates a small pit that disappears within a few seconds, the latter that is non-pitting edema is not compressible. One in three Americans over the age of 45 is affected by vein diseases and an approximate 3 million Americans suffer from lymphedema. Compression therapy is nothing but non-invasive treatment methods that help by relieving pain and swelling, improving mobility and restoring lost energy associated with venous and lymphatic disorders. Compression therapy edema has been used and found effective in many patients. Here is some information on compression therapy edema -

Compression therapy edema-
Compression therapy is used for various disorders like for tired, aching legs, for edema (swelling), for varicose veins, venous insufficiency and for deep vein thrombosis. The degree of compression depends on the disorder and its seriousness. Compression therapy edema is generally mild and the compression is around 15-20 mm Hg. However if the edema is more severe this can be more also. Below are some ways and means used in compression therapy edema :

�Compression Bandages and Supplies
Cotton stockings
Elastic gauze bandages
High density foam rubber pads, moldings
Padding bandages
Short stretch compression bandages

�Compression Pumps, Appliances and Specialty Garments
In compression therapy edema, compression pumps are designed for promoting venous and lymphatic circulation and for removing edema from the extremity by progressively moving fluid in a distal to proximal direction. The pumps and appliances available are -
Sequential multi-chambered pneumatic pumps
Gradient sequential multi-chambered programmable pumps
Custom and prefabricated pneumatic appliances

�Directional Flow Compression Systems
A directional flow compression system is a sleeve-like unit filled with hundreds of foam chips, designed with channeling system to help direct the lymphatic flow to alternate pathways and to bypass the areas of obstruction. In compression therapy edema, this system should be used under short-stretch bandages, with a pneumatic compression pump or even under an outer compression unit.

Edema is serious and prolonged edema should not be ignored as it could be a sign of any serious disease or chronic venous insufficiency. Compression therapy edema should be used to deal successfully with edema. Which form of compression therapy edema to use should be discussed with a doctor.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colors, Mood, Psychology: Their Relationship


Colors have significant effect on the human nature and emotions and the choice of colors also determine the personality of the individual concerned. Colors, Mood, Psychology is all interrelated. Colors are also considered as a stream of �alternative medicine�. Different colors signify different hues. Colors are supposed to have different reactions on individuals in different situations. It is believed that every person has a natural proclivity towards a particular color and the vice-a-versa as well. That is, even colors have a natural inclination towards certain people. There is an �aura color� that describes every person. It is not necessary that the favorite color of a person is the same as his �aura color�. The �aura color� is the color which provides with an apt description of the individual. It is all about understanding this relationship between Colors, Mood, Psychology.

Colors and mood:

Colors play a significant role in setting the mood and every color has its individual significance. Art is an expression that defines the relationship between Colors, Mood, Psychology. Many times this expression contains significant messages. Mood can be enhanced such messages, especially by means of colors. Generally artists are fully aware of the moods created and the messages conveyed through the colors used in their pieces of art. The relationship between colors and mood is uniquely human. For most people, different colors represent different moods. However, generally speaking, talking about general associations as per tradition, nature and personal experiences, red is associated with passion, yellow with cheerfulness, blue with peaceful, and gray with gloom.

Colors, mood and psychology:

Like red symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, intensity, negotiations and confrontations. It is not the most romantic color (as is popularly believed). The most romantic color is pink, which is supposed to have a tranquilizing effect. White means the presence of all colors and it reflects purity and serenity. People associated with the medical profession wear black to symbolize sterility. Black means the absence of all colors and implies authority and power. Blue and green represent peace and tranquility whereas dark green represents wealth and conservative nature. Yellow represents cheerfulness, attention gathering tendencies and optimism. Purple is the color of royalty and brown is that of reliability. So now we see that the relationship between Colors, Mood, Psychology is not just another abstract phenomenon that can be ignored casually. It has a valid justification and a backing from logic and tradition. These facts about Colors, Mood, Psychology have been established by the clear and pure laws of nature. Color, mood, psychology have been proved to have a link that people with an artistic bent of mind understand better then others.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weighted Blankets for Mental Health: Lose Out Your Mental Worries With Blankets

In the world of commercialization there is still a belief in touch therapy as there is a lot of care taken if something is made out of hand. The amount of effort and care that is invested in manufacturing of blankets by hand can not be done by a machine. Weighted blankets for mental health have found to be very effective for the patients who have been suffering from psychological disorders like autism and problems associated with sensory diet. This blanket can be used in a variety of ways like it can be around the patient always and it is like a soothing cover for the patient. Weighted blankets for mental health are made up by many people and it is also sold in the online web market.

Effect of colors and size:

The appropriate guidance is given to the patient by the paediatrician who is concerned and knows the case of the child. The patient should be supported by the school authorities. Or else other resources are also useful when these blankets for mental health are concerned. The length and width of the blanket is considered as per the choice and handprint is preferred. A theme that the child likes and color that matches to room d�cor is taken into consideration when blanket is ordered. Weighted blankets for mental health are an evolving concept and it is getting popular.

Other advantages of these blankets:

There is a cover and hence there is a protection cover to it. Weighted blankets for mental health are delivered within a span of three to four weeks. It is quite easy to wash and maintain but another fact is, a lot of care is taken to make this blanket and people are benefited to a great extent after using this blanket. Weighted blankets for mental health are recognized by many health and fitness experts that have added to the mental ill health cure awareness. They are made up of a very comfortable cotton material and they also have specialty cotton ones with a slightly higher price.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Water Massage Therapy

Massage - one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy, is a system of stroking, pressing and kneading various areas of the body to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. So what is water massage therapy? As the name implies, hydrotherapy or water massage therapy refers to the use of water for therapeutic purposes. Specifically, in this form of therapy, water in all its forms is used (internally and externally) to assist in healing.

Why Only Water Massage Therapy?

There are several different mechanisms which are responsible for water's therapeutic effects. For one, immersion in hot water helps to increase circulation by raising body temperature and by dilating blood vessels. Also submersion in water also takes a great deal of pressure off the body (body weight) creating a soothing sense of weightlessness and relieving pressure on tired, aching joints and muscles. Additionally, water massage therapy often involves use of water in motion, which acts to massage the body, whether in soft, soothing waves or even in firm jets of water pressure. Also hydrotherapy also has internal applications, like colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, in which water is circulated through colon for flushing out impurities and body toxins.

Few examples of water massage are:

�Watsu Water Massages
Watsu is a type of water massage therapy which focuses on the patient floating on their back in a warm water while being stretched and massaged. Some benefits are relieving pressure and loosening of the body's muscles and joints, increasing flexibility, raising the body temperature to increase circulation etc.

�Hydrotherapy Massages
This type of water massage therapy begins with partial submersion in a tub of warm water that contains aromatic essential oils. After soaking for a certain amount of time, the patient receives a massage either by direct hands on contact with the patient's body or through the use of a pressured hose. The benefits are almost same as those of the Watsu massage

�"Dry" Aqua Massages
In this type of water massage therapy, a person receives a massage either from above while lying on the stomach on a "tanning bed" style table or from below while lying on the back on an "open air" table. For both kinds of dry water massage therapy, the water is contained in the chamber above or below the patient�s body and so they never come in direct contact with the water. This massage can also be specifically focused in dealing on with any problem areas such as the neck or back.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Vitamins For Stress : An Answer!

Stress can be defined as a nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it that results in symptoms such as rise in the blood pressure, release of hormones, tightening of muscles, quickness of breathe, perspiration and increased cardiac activity. Stress is not always negative and some stress keeps us motivated and alert. However, too much stress can trigger many problems related with mental and physical health, particularly over a prolonged period of time. Stress and nutrition are directly related, as nutrient deficiency can put the body under stress. Also how well the body handles stress is also related to how well the body is nourished. Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is important for preventing the loss of nutrient stores in the body used to combat stress. Amongst other nutrients, vitamins for stress are important. Here is all that you need to know about vitamins for stress.

Vitamins for stress � an Overview

Vitamins help to combat stress and are important contributors to immune response which is the release of hormones by the body when stress is present. Here is how vitamins for stress have been found useful. The B-complex vitamins are also needed to help maintain the nervous system. A deficiency in the B-complex vitamins can alter nerve function and magnify the symptoms of stress such as depression and irritability. Vitamin E helps to protect from the stress of free radical damage. Levels of vitamin C have been seen to decrease in stress related tissues during stress. So vitamin C can also be helpful in stress by strengthening the immune system.

Summary Vitamins for Stress

�Vitamin A - mop up toxins that deplete energy levels.

�Vitamin B1 - improves mood and important for nerve function.

�Vitamin B3 � regulation of sleep patterns.

�Vitamin B6 - important for optimum production of mood-enhancing brain chemical serotonin.

�Vitamin B12 - helps in producing feel-good brain chemicals.

�Pantothenic acid � control over the adrenal glands, which play a crucial part in stress response.

�Choline and Inositol - calming effect.

�Vitamin C - used up quickly during stress reactions and deficiency can worsen anxiety and irritability.

�Vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant.

Generally, it is better to start with all the vitamins for stress together since they work best as a team, specially the B complex vitamins. Besides the whole team, vitamin C has been found to be the No. 1 single nutrient for stress. This is needed more in emotional stress where repair is required. Not only as a preventive measure, one must consume the right quantities of vitamins for stress in daily diet for good health and well being.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stress Impact People Learning: Stress Management By Stress Reduction Techniques

The impact of stress on the people is very evident and the people are stressed out more if they are not able to figure out the stress relief methods. In most of the corporate sectors people undergo this kind of a stress due to excessive work and hence Stress Impact People Learning is a must for them to unload their tensions. Due to spontaneous changes in social, economical and other factors one is stressed out and stress learning is a must as it can have adverse impacts if not treated in time. If the normal stress level exceeds then it can harm the person but till the time it does not affect health. Meeting challenges in daily life can cause a lot of stress and Stress Impact People Learning is one way out for getting out from stress.

Impact of stress on health:

Stress Impact People Learning is also necessary so that the people should know about the challenges they have to meet if stress ultimately affects the health. There is a significant amount of rise in blood pressure level and later on general health metabolism is affected to a great deal. There is an extra production of fats and sugar in the body and a rise in the level of acids in stomach. Stress also causes blood clotting that is hazardous for the brain as well as heart. Inflammations can be a problem for many people as it is due to rise of heat in the body.

Coping up with stress:

Stress Impact People Learning can give people a new view of coping up with stress. Psychological stress like anxiety, irritability, sadness, defensiveness, anger, mood swings, hypersensitivity and many more like these can be controlled by the means of meditation and self-stress management programs. Behavioral changes like overeating or loss of appetite, impatience, quickness to argue are also seen if stress is not controlled. If these problems have a solution then Stress Impact People Learning can be useful for treating related problems like headaches, grinding teeth, clenched jaws, chest pain, shortness of breath can also be relieved.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video Feedback Therapy � Alternative Miracles

Video feedback therapy has been gaining prominence as a very effective treatment in treating difficult illnesses. Basically video feedback therapy uses the behavior of sample patients by video recording them. This therapy is also known by another name � neuro cognitive feedback therapy. There are many reasons why this treatment is getting popular as an alternative practice. Following are some of the reasons for its popularity and also the benefits of using video feedback therapy in treating certain disorders �

Video feedback therapy � What disorders does it treat

Here are some of the neurological and psychiatry related diseases that can be treated by the use of video feedback therapy �
2.Chronic fatigue syndrome
3.Trauma patients
4.Helps a person change dominant ideas about himself
5.Helps in improvement of memory power
6.Used to help parents in gaining awareness of their interaction with their children and helping them improve their conduct.
Thus neuro cognitive feedback therapy is used to treat all these disorders. And it is really beneficial because of the fact that it is used as an alternative to use of medications to treat the diseases. Thus side effects of medicines can be avoided.

Video feedback therapy � How it works?

Video feedback therapy is used instead of medication to treat the above-mentioned diseases. Instead of using medicines, what it does is make use of electrical activity in the brain to treat the symptoms. This positive electrical activity can be sent to the brain by using a feedback program while the patient works with a video game on a computer screen. This promotes changes in the brain, as positive responses are received, which create a balance and makes permanent changes in the brain. This is used by occupational therapists these days, and they have been seeing fabulous results. Video feedback therapy also helps in improving memory power, and almost 70 percent of the patients who have taken it have seen the benefits. Although many claim of its advantages, there are some who are not to convinced with the treatment. Video feedback therapy sessions are conducted in some places, with a fee of roughly 300 dollars for a weekly course. More comprehensive information regarding this is available on the Internet.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Social Studies Behavioral Objectives: The Ultimate Aim After Observation

After knowing the situation in any case there is an evaluation of behavior of the person and then the objectives are decided. Social studies behavioral objectives provide a detailed study of a social condition of a person one tends to know that how a person reacts to various situations and then the behavioral objectives are decided. Behavioral objectives based on a set of verbs that are designed on the basis of curriculum and it is a performance-based to give a scientific look. There are various facets that include a study of this like the classification, composition, construction, demonstration, estimation, evaluation, measurement, translation, reproduction and many more forming the content of Social studies behavioral objectives.

How does it work?

This process begins with a detailed analysis of the situation and then the process is continued then. The objects and words are classified into different groups for the convenience and the criterion is known to the student. The composition varies and then a module is formulated and then the instrument, model, device, or implement are taken into consideration while demonstration. There is a description of an object and an event with a minimum reference in some cases a graphic charting and mapping is done and then there is an application of these terms. Social studies behavioral objectives are studied in a systematic manner with logical testing and estimation.

Other factors:

Identification and interpretation is done with the help of pointing and marking the responses. Labeling is necessary for identifying and naming the complex behavior. There is an arrangement according to the therapy and on that basis there is an effective solution to the problem. Social studies behavioral objectives can change a lot of situations and it can alter the social situations in a right way. Observational behavior is the one that can be a lesson for the formation of future plans. Social studies behavioral objectives are done with a purpose in a systematic way for a purpose. After a perfect analysis there is a direction to the exact means of evaluation for the problem.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Treatment Center for Schizophrenia: Centers For Mental Health and Cure

It is a misconception among many people that schizophrenia can not be cured fully but it is not so as there is a permanent cure with a proper treatment. Such kind of treatment is done at the centers where there is an appropriate center for a specialized treatment. Often severe treatment is diagnosed as schizophrenia and to differentiate with that Treatment center for schizophrenia must be consulted. People with schizophrenia face problems like Prolonged Anxiety, Tension or Worry, Irritability or Hostility, Poor Physical Health and many other problems that are cures by Treatment center for schizophrenia.

How to avoid hazards?

Schizophrenia affects person's capacity to work and a variety of vocational rehabilitation interventions have been developed since a couple of years back. For better rehabilitation of the patients and better employment opportunities it is necessary that a person should go to a Treatment center for schizophrenia. A lot of things are based on response of the patient after the treatment and hence the decision of nature of treatment is considered. There is a specialized care and concern taken by the World Health Organization in this matter. There can be a treatment for ongoing treatment with an appropriate diagnosis and an evaluation of case history. There is an advisory committee of doctors and a team for reference and assistance.

How these treatments centers work?

Treatment center for schizophrenia have various programs that focus on some hospital-based programs and sheltered. In many cases there is an assertive case management and other associated programs. These programs have prevocational training, transitional employment, and volunteer placements in their programs. The job satisfaction and job performance are considered and people are trained for job related programs. Treatment center for schizophrenia has an expertise in all these activities. This leads to an improvement in the quality of life of people ad they are benefited from these programs. Primary studies and reviews are concerned and the people are diagnosed with their skills and disabilities together. Various case studies are considered before the actual health sketch is planned for the patient.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sexual Behavior Therapy (The Necessity)

One�s sexual behavior plays a very important role in his/her life. It is important to have the correct sexual tendencies. Sexual expression is a natural thing. One should be able to lead a normal and a healthy sexual life.Some people feel an overwhelming desire for sex all the time, others are not able to perform sexually and some others have sexual phobias of different kind. This is when they must get help. There are a variety of therapies constructed to help these people.

Some therapies:

One must realize that an abnormal sex life can lead to innumerable physical as well as psychological problems. In humans unlike in animals, sex involves emotions. Absence of emotions cannot be considered standard. Following are some techniques or therapies that might prove helpful.
�Psychosomatic handling: this treatment can be done through individual or group therapies. In individual therapy the person come face to face with his counseling and get guidance and counseling sessions regarding the topic. In group guidance there is a whole group with similar problems and they are counseled together.
�Analysis or counseling: marriage counseling is necessary when either of the spouses feel that they are not leading a regular sex life. They may sometimes feel that their marriage is in jeopardy because this problem is graver than it seems. Counseling sessions can be given to even those individuals who are not married and yet have a sex life. Adolescents sometimes loose control and deal into multiple partners.
�Anti depressants: doctors prescribe drugs that act as anti depressants. Depression is many times the reason for inability to perform sexually.
�Therapies suggested for alcoholics and chain smokers: a study shows that chain smoking can make a person impotent. Alcohol can also cause this problem if over consumed. Naltrexon is a drug given to people who are drug addicts or alcoholics.

The simplest method to cure oneself from any kinds of sexual problems is leading a healthy life. Avoiding obesity and anemia is important for the organ to function normally. Eating and living healthy is the only precaution and cure.