Friday, October 23, 2009

Teen Behavior Loneliness Depression: A Hazardous Form of Mental Stress

Teen behavior loneliness depression occurs because most of the teens undergo a lot of stress and the extreme effect of this problem is suicide that most of the teens try to attempt. When the puberty starts the child becomes a little irritable and undergoes Occasional melancholy, bad moods and short periods of feeling down quite frequently. This is a common phenomenon but if there is a continued depression and it results into a sad mood and irritability then the ultimate result is depression. Teen behavior loneliness depression is a common phenomenon if the child is away from the parents for a long time. The suicide rate has gone up in these years as teens are stressed out due to their career studies and tensions between friends.

Main causes of tensions:

There is an extremity in eating and sleeping habits of teens as they are habituated to a different routine. Due to this ill habit of eating and sleeping there is either an excessive amount of weight loss or weight gain. These physical stresses can lead to mental stresses also. Teen behavior loneliness depression can also result when there is a poor performance in the school result, sudden decline in grades and withdrawal of attention from studies. Some of the children do not have a relationship of affinity with their friends and family. Other associated problems like indecision, lack of concentration, or forgetfulness can cause feelings of worthlessness and guilt leading to Teen behavior loneliness depression.

Other causes:

Teen behavior loneliness depression can be caused if there is a substance abuse as it can cause problems in the brain chemistry. If the person suffers from nutritional deficiencies or allergies then the person is more prone to the problem of Teen behavior loneliness depression. If there is a genetic depression then there are more chances that the child gets it through genes. To get out of that the children start with an intake of drugs and alcohol. They also start with an agitating behavior and they also show high aggression in many situations.

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