Monday, October 19, 2009

Symptoms Of Attention Defecit Disorder � Do You Know Them?

Attention defecit disorder (ADD) or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is classified as a neurological disorder which is characterized by hyperactivity, forgetfulness, mood shifts, poor impulse control and distractibility. ADD is commonly diagnosed among children. When it is diagnosed in adults, it is called as adult attention-deficit disorder (AADD). It is a belief that approximately 30 to 70% of children diagnosed with ADD retain the disorder as adults. So what are the symptoms of Attention Defecit Disorder? Here�s all you need to know about the symptoms of Attention Defecit Disorder �

The symptoms of attention defecit disorder in children -

In children, the symptoms of attention defecit disorder are inattentiveness, destructiveness, impulsive behavior and restlessness. Inattentiveness mostly appears as difficult with sustaining attention or persisting toward activities, mainly those that are not especially interesting or rewarding. This is mostly combined with problems inhibiting response to distracting events that often draw the person off-task. Those with ADD also have difficulties in re-engaging the previous task, once they have been distracted.

Amongst the symptoms of attention defecit disorder, hyperactivity is typically evident in early to middle childhood and it declines significantly with age. By adulthood, it is more evident as a feeling of restlessness or inner or subjective hyperactivity as well as a need for being busy or engaged in physical activities. The impulsiveness or poor inhibition that persists throughout childhood can continue into adulthood and may manifest verbally (excessive talking, interrupting others, blurting out answers before question is finished, saying without regarding its consequences, etc.) or physically, by doing impulsive things or a dare. Another of the symptom is being involved in risk-taking activities and as a result, suffer double the times the rate of accidental injuries as do normal children or adults.

The symptoms of attention defecit disorder in children -

In adults, the symptoms of attention defecit disorder are often difficulty with time management, organization, risk taking, careless, distractible and impulsive behavior. Patients commonly show an inability for structuring their lives and planning complex daily tasks. Another symptoms of attention defecit disorder are difficulties in self-control or executive functioning that refers to inhibit off-task behavior, the ability of directing behavior towards future goals and tasks and to keep those tasks in mind until completed.

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