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Symptoms Borderline Personality Disorder � Information You Need To Know

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious emotional disturbance which is characterized by disappointing and unstable personal relationships, feelings of emptiness, intense anger, and fears of abandonment (real or imagined). It is one of the several types of personality disorders, all of which reflect an inability of the patient to accept the demands and the limitations of the outside world. These disorders can regularly interfere with your behavior and your interactions with family, friends or co-workers. This makes it important for all to have the knowledge of symptoms borderline personality disorder. You shall learn about the symptoms borderline personality disorder in the subsequent paragraphs.

Signs and symptoms of borderline personality disorder -

Signs and symptoms borderline personality disorder can include any of the following:
�Difficulty in controlling emotions or impulses
�Frequent emotional ups and downs
�Impulsive actions
�Mood swings
�Stormy relationships
�Intense anger, could involve physical fights
�Casting others in good or bad terms
�Feeling of internal emptiness
�Fear of loneliness

Unlike mood changes in disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder that last for weeks or months the mood swings in BPD generally last just hours. One of the main symptoms borderline personality disorder is that people affected are terrified of being alone, yet they push others away with their erratic behavior. They often get into repetitive, predictable crises generally related to the fear of abandonment.

Another of the common symptoms borderline personality disorder is that common occurrences, like a spouse being a few minutes late, can prompt sudden fury or despair. People with BPD believe this "abandonment" implies that their partners don't love them anymore or that they're bad. When a loved one is perceived as uncaring, BPD patient may react with extreme sarcasm, lingering bitterness or verbal abuse. Affected people can also experience sudden and dramatic shifts in their self-image, which can be expressed in a shift of goals and values. They can quickly vary their opinions and plans about their career, sexual identity and even types of friends.


Borderline personality disorder is more common than other better-known mental illnesses, like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It is most common in young women. Thus awareness about the symptoms borderline personality disorder is necessary. People with BPD have an enormous need for love and also a terrible fear of closeness. Knowledge of the symptoms borderline personality disorder will help in better understanding of the patients.

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