Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stress And Reptilian Brain: The Ancestral Influence

It is said that human brain resembles to the reptiles and it relates to the deepest and revolutionary scale of the brain. Some basic processes like digestion and reproduction are done with the help of reptilian brain. Stress and Reptilian Brain is related because it is connected to the visual system and other parts are also connected and they are involved in basic processes. What makes Stress and Reptilian Brain connected is a fact that stress activates the reptilian part as there is an arousal in sympathetic nervous system. Due to this process there is a hindrance in the functioning of pupils in the eye, digestive system and heart beat. This further leads to a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Reasons for traumatic experiences:

Reptilian structure makes us aware constantly of the any danger around and makes us more vigilant to things around. Due to the recording of danger the brain becomes more defensive to situations and an image is created so that there is an action planned defensive behavior. Stress and Reptilian Brain becomes more related when the reptilian structure of the brain is incorrectly associated. What matters in the end is the survival intelligence that mainly depends upon constructive and coping skills. Self coping with these factors is necessary and sometimes the system can be controlled.

Other facts:

Stress and Reptilian Brain is connected as they control thought processes that are related to chemical and electrical processes of the brain. Due to stress as there is a disruption in the creativity there can be a problem in thought processes in general. The transmission of data into the brain is hampered if there is a disruption in the process of reptilian brain due to stress. Stress and Reptilian Brain is also related in having a solution to the problems like anxiety and it can be controlled by stress management. The only thing one can do is the self-stress management and this part of the brain can be taken care of and stress can be managed with and ease.

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