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Readings In Jungian Psychology - Know Them In Detail!

Before going into the readings in Jungian psychology, we must know who was Carl Gustav Jung. Carl Gustav Jung, the man who has propagated Jungian Psychology, was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology. His name is often mentioned along with Sigmund Freud, with whom he initially collaborated. he was one of the first and most widely read writers of the 20th century on psychology of the human mind. His approach to psychology emphasized understanding psyche through exploring the worlds of anthropology, astrology, alchemy, dreams, mythology, religion, and philosophy. Here are some readings in Jungian psychology -

Readings In Jungian Psychology -

Although Jung was wary of founding a school of psychology, he developed a distinctive approach to the study of the human psyche. All Through his early years of working in a Swiss hospital with psychotic patients and collaborating with Sigmund Freud and the burgeoning psychoanalytic community, he got a close look at the mysterious depths of the human unconscious. Fascinated by what he saw, he devoted his life for exploration of the unconscious. But he did not feel that experimental natural science was the best means to this end and he identified instead with the world of dream, myth, and psychopathology. Ultimately Jung sought to understand psychology through the study of the humanities.cand how did he do that? Read futher into the readings in Jungian psychology.

The readings in Jungian psychology tell that the overarching goal of Carl Jung was the reconciliation of the life of the individual with the world of the supra-personal archetypes. He came to see the encounter of the individual with the unconscious as central to this process. It talks about human experiences, the unconscious through symbols encountered in all aspects of life: in dreams, art, religion and the symbolic dramas that are enacted in relationships and life pursuits. It says that symbolic language is essential to the encounter with the unconscious and the reconciliation of the individual's consciousness with this broader world. Only through attention and openness to this world will the individual be able to harmonize his life with these suprapersonal archetypal forces.

Further the readings in jungian psychology says "neurosis" results from a disharmony between the consciousness of the individual and the greater archetypal world. The aim of psychotherapy is to assist the individual in reestablishing a healthy relationship with the unconscious. The encounter between consciousness and the symbols arising from the unconscious enriches life and also promotes psychological development. Jung here considered this process of psychological growth and maturation, which he called the process of individuation, to be of critical importance to the human being and ultimately to modern society.

Finally, readings in jungian psychology say that in order to undergo the individuation process, the individual must allow himself to be open to the parts of herself beyond his/her own ego. For doing this, the modern individual must pay attention to his dreams, explore the world of religion and spirituality and question the assumptions of the operant societal worldview instead of just blindly living life in accordance with dominant norms and assumptions. Thus the readings in jungian psychology make an interesting reading!

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  1. They are making a big deal out of the
    the publication of Jung's "Red Book" -
    which, to me, is like walking backwards
    in time....
    Jung, working with the Nobel laureate
    physicist, Professor W. Pauli, offers
    us greater insights into the nature of
    archetypal reality, and also, the final
    conclusions, which are - number archetypes.
    As Jung said: "number appears to be a
    tangible connection between the spheres
    of matter and psyche, it is here that
    the most fruitful field of further
    investigation might be found."

    "man has need of the word, but in
    essence number is sacred." Jung....
    "our primary mathematical intuitions
    can be arranged before we become
    conscious of them." Pauli....

    New York