Saturday, September 19, 2009

Psychology Color Test- Color Reflects Persona !

Color psychology and psychology color test:

Today psychology has entered every field and has established itself firmly. Color psychology is the analysis made of the human character according to his choice of color. There are innumerable psychological tests, which have been developed to understand the human mind better. Psychology color test is one such test. This test has been particularly designed to understand how color influences the complex human mind. One can actually determine an individual�s most vital characteristics with the help of the colors he likes or dislikes or chooses at the time of giving the psychology color test. Why else would they use bright and attractive colors for advertising market products?

Different types of psychology color tests:

Many psychologists have come up with their own unique forms of psychology color tests and their interpretations. Some of the common ones are:

�Rorschach�s inkblot method: A psychologist named Rorschach made this famous psychology color test. This test has cards with inkblots on them. These inkblots are meaningless, and he has used colors like black, gray and yellow. The individual has to interpret or give meaning to the meaningless blot. This way the interpretations made can give an idea about the individual�s nature.
�Color test: by Max Luscher. The individual is given names of various colors, colors like gray, red, violet. He is asked to combine these colors into twos. The combinations are thus interpreted. Characteristics such as impulsivity, emptiness and tensions are interpreted.

Color symbolism:

As already mentioned what color psychology deals with, one can more or less be aware that in color psychology different colors symbolize different states of mind. The psychology color test are developed keeping these symbolisms in mind. For example the color red represents determination and the intensity of a person�s character, the color brown is said to represent the stressed out state of bodily senses, the color yellow is the symbol of a person�s creativity or his open-mindedness, the color violet talks about the person�s impulsive nature and the color black talks about the boundaries of mind, and behind it the world of nothingness. Thus, we can note how significant our choices colors are according to the psychology color test.

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