Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Personal Growth Therapy � Understanding Your Own Persona

What is personal growth therapy all about?

A therapy is usually used to bring about an improvement in the client�s mental and emotional state. Personal growth therapy is obviously a way of therapeutically perceiving ourselves more correctly and also making all the necessary alterations to become better human beings and more presentable in the society. The personal therapy has proved to be one of the most useful techniques to help individuals solve problems occurring in their lives because of their personal factors, such as their personality, understanding, and self-esteem. Any sort of disorders in these personal factors can hamper one�s personal and social life. Personal growth therapy is carried out both on individual and group levels.

How is the therapy carried out?

Normal behavior is well defined. Any deviation from this normal behavior is considered trouble and unhealthy. Usually group personal growth therapy is immensely popular as people become more confident when they learn that other people are going through similar problems. They begin to feel that overcoming their problems is not impossible. On the other hand individual therapy is also valuable as sometimes a person may find it difficult to openly discuss his or her problems before everyone. He/she may find it easier to talk about their problems face to face with the therapist. The therapist treats the patient and tries to move his patient into the healthy state.

The necessity for this therapy:

Personal growth therapy is useful to improve an individual�s current abnormal state. It is a therapeutic form of spiritual enlightenment. It begins with making the client realize his problem in the first place. Personal growth therapy should cover all-important aspects that construct a human being. These aspects are memory improvement, better communication skills, discharging past traumas, and moving on with life. Acceptance is the first step towards bringing about a self-improvement. The person is helped to adapt to the society better. The therapists use terms such as acceptability rather than normality. This is to make the client feel comfortable. Personal growth therapy helps the troubled individual to build his/her inter personal and intra personal relations.

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