Saturday, September 12, 2009

Neuro Psychiatric Lupus � Chronic Terror

Neuro psychiatric lupus is a disease or disorder that can affect several parts of the body, in which the body immunity looses the ability to distinguish between the neutral antigens and its own cells. This causes neuro psychiatric abnormalities in patients. These neuro psychiatric lupus abnormalities have been recognized for almost a century and it�s diagnosis and therapy treatments still remain most complicated and difficult. It�s still a clinical challenge to doctors, although the prognosis has improved a little in the past few years.

New treatments in neuro psychiatric lupus

There have been recent developments in neuro psychiatric lupus treatments, which can be the final answer to diagnosis. According to recent research following are some of the diagnosis methods used for neuro psychiatric patients �

1.Brain imaging was done which is likely to discover mechanisms that can be useful for treatment.
2.Identifying genes for symptoms of neuropsychiatric lupus.
3.Kalwalla is a recent development that can be used for the purpose. It works by restoring correct balance in the body so that the body can resume its normal functioning.
4.A right kind of diet is known to have a big impact on the lupus condition of your body. A good diet is known to de acidify the body, which is necessary once in a while.
Thus these are some of the new radical developments in lupus. Although no treatment is still completely constructive, these can be made use of.

Symptoms found in neuro psychiatric lupus

Following are some of the symptoms that can be found in a person suffering from neuro psychiatric lupus �
�Patients most commonly express strokes, depression and a feeling of dullness.
�Seizures, headaches, and cognitive dysfunction (disordered thinking) are some of the other significant symptoms that can be seen in patients suffering from the disease.
�Death is something that can be caused in more than 20 percent of the patients.
There are projects and researches going on that may lead to an improved state of diagnosis and treatment of neuro psychiatric lupus. Millions of dollars are being spent by various institutes to find out the various causes and come up with fruitful results, in order to eradicate this evil.

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