Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mindfulness And Mental Health: The Coordinating Words

Mindfulness literally means awareness of surrounding or heedfulness and it relates to sense of a person. Mindfulness and mental health are said to be coordinating because mental health depends upon surrounding and what does one extract from it. Mindfulness also means the awareness of the mind of self or a watch on functioning of mind constantly. Mindfulness is a sort of meditation and awareness of breathing as it is a part of that. As the process of breathing is very obvious we do not tend to concentrate on that. But if one is successful in getting a control over breathing and control over temperament then the things can become easier and Mindfulness and mental health can work together.

How to achieve mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be achieved if the mental situations are under a control. The human mind is easily disturbed and distracted when there is a hurting, insulting or disturbing experience. The breathing rate, pulse rate and blood pressure are on a rise and there is a lot of negativity in the human mind. If the experience is repeated then it keeps on hampering the human mind and Mindfulness and mental health are affected together. The best thing one can do is avoidance of such situations and remembering all the good memories in past. This is done by self meditation and stress reduction techniques are also used to decrease the aggravated problem.

A complete mental health care:

Mindfulness and mental health are related as they can result into a healthy mind with healthy thoughts. The physical as well as emotional health is recovered if everyday stress is matched by the technique of mindfulness. If one is engrossed in thoughts and ideas or worries constantly while on work then one is not being mindful. Twenty to thirty minutes of the day for self are enough for maintenance of mental health as it is the best method one can follow to relieve stress and stay mentally contented. Mindfulness and mental health are related so that there is an easing out of life and one can get complete mental relaxation.

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