Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sacramento Massage Therapy Classes: Get The Best of Massage Therapy Training

The most important process in learning is practical experience of a person. Scramento massage therapy classes are famous as they provide the person with best of updated massage therapy techniques and latest methods of massage. As the duration of this course is less than two years, it is very easy for a person to get a degree and work in this field. This is a certificate program and there is an entry level employment for students from the beginning. There is a technical assistance program that enables the students to diagnose and treat specific problems of the patients that is a special feature of Scramento massage therapy classes.

Advantages of this program:

The flexibility in timings and financial aids is the best part of these courses and they are the ones that provide the students with a refresher training so that they can begin with the latest inventions in these fields. It is a preparation for the students at the entry level and the scope widens with experience. When one enters to this place then there is a sound knowledge gain in the fields of principles and techniques of massage to assess and appropriately treat disorders of the human body which may benefit from massage. There is a display by the means of demonstration and an assurance of a complete safety and competence in the practice that makes Scramento massage therapy classes famous.

Best options for students:

Scramento massage therapy classes not only specialize in information about the techniques and scientific side of the therapy but also it provides the students a sound knowledge about business, marketing, budgeting, insurance, advertising, ethical, and legal principles, issues, and concerns of the profession. Scramento massage therapy classes also give the best of guidance to the students regarding the communication with the clients and health providers. It makes the students so independents and complete with knowledge that they are eligible to have their own clinic and they can begin with their private practice as they have experience also.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Religious Thought Modern Psychologist Don S. Browning: A Thought Pioneered By Browning

Religious thought modern psychologist Don S. Browning was a book that thought of deep and critical theories in psychology and putting them into practice. The facts like pastoral counseling and practical theology are also highlighted in this book as it is based on religious assumptions and the principles on underlying psychology. In this book the socio-scientific view is given by taking the religious dimensions into consideration. There is a discussion of these core topics as they intend to explain the subject well. There are many psychotherapeutic theorists and evangelical writers whose conversations are considered in the book as it is a Religious thought modern psychologist Don S. Browning.

Contents of the book:

This book has a great critical analysis of various issues like pride thesis, undervalued and overvalued self, expansive solution, pride system, relationship between pride, sin differently, ontological anxiety, valuing process, basic anxiety, world pride and many more issued like this. The people who undergo a lowered self-esteem and escape from self are also mentioned in this book. Religious thought modern psychologist Don S. Browning is a book that gives a different view for the people who intend to have a deep and detailed study in the relation of religion and psychology. There are various volumes that begin with sound and informative conversations.

Views of people:

Religious thought modern psychologist Don S. Browning has been appreciated highly by the people because of its content and it was seen that the people liked it because of its contemporary theology. Another most commonly liked feature of the book it its critical acuteness of work because of which there is an appeal to theologians. Religious thought modern psychologist Don S. Browning is written with perfection and correctness as this professor belongs to The Divinity School, University of Chicago as a professor of Professor of Religion and Psychological Studies. Hence his experience is seen clearly by words and the people refer this book to all the people who are interested in knowing these facts about this subject.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Readings In Jungian Psychology - Know Them In Detail!

Before going into the readings in Jungian psychology, we must know who was Carl Gustav Jung. Carl Gustav Jung, the man who has propagated Jungian Psychology, was a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology. His name is often mentioned along with Sigmund Freud, with whom he initially collaborated. he was one of the first and most widely read writers of the 20th century on psychology of the human mind. His approach to psychology emphasized understanding psyche through exploring the worlds of anthropology, astrology, alchemy, dreams, mythology, religion, and philosophy. Here are some readings in Jungian psychology -

Readings In Jungian Psychology -

Although Jung was wary of founding a school of psychology, he developed a distinctive approach to the study of the human psyche. All Through his early years of working in a Swiss hospital with psychotic patients and collaborating with Sigmund Freud and the burgeoning psychoanalytic community, he got a close look at the mysterious depths of the human unconscious. Fascinated by what he saw, he devoted his life for exploration of the unconscious. But he did not feel that experimental natural science was the best means to this end and he identified instead with the world of dream, myth, and psychopathology. Ultimately Jung sought to understand psychology through the study of the humanities.cand how did he do that? Read futher into the readings in Jungian psychology.

The readings in Jungian psychology tell that the overarching goal of Carl Jung was the reconciliation of the life of the individual with the world of the supra-personal archetypes. He came to see the encounter of the individual with the unconscious as central to this process. It talks about human experiences, the unconscious through symbols encountered in all aspects of life: in dreams, art, religion and the symbolic dramas that are enacted in relationships and life pursuits. It says that symbolic language is essential to the encounter with the unconscious and the reconciliation of the individual's consciousness with this broader world. Only through attention and openness to this world will the individual be able to harmonize his life with these suprapersonal archetypal forces.

Further the readings in jungian psychology says "neurosis" results from a disharmony between the consciousness of the individual and the greater archetypal world. The aim of psychotherapy is to assist the individual in reestablishing a healthy relationship with the unconscious. The encounter between consciousness and the symbols arising from the unconscious enriches life and also promotes psychological development. Jung here considered this process of psychological growth and maturation, which he called the process of individuation, to be of critical importance to the human being and ultimately to modern society.

Finally, readings in jungian psychology say that in order to undergo the individuation process, the individual must allow himself to be open to the parts of herself beyond his/her own ego. For doing this, the modern individual must pay attention to his dreams, explore the world of religion and spirituality and question the assumptions of the operant societal worldview instead of just blindly living life in accordance with dominant norms and assumptions. Thus the readings in jungian psychology make an interesting reading!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Psychology Video Game Addiction � Understanding The Problem!

Psychology video game addiction is a problem which needs to be addressed urgently. And the main problem with psychology video game addiction is that the affected patients refuse to agree it is a problem! Video games addiction is the most seemingly mundane and almost accepted addiction that some people develop to video games. Video games have of late become a popular pastime among children, kids and adolescents.

The increase in psychology video game addiction has lead to studies about video game habits of 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th graders for hand-held devices, video game consoles and computer games. The studies lead to the identification of two groups - non-addicted and addicted. The addicted group revealed reports of greater involvement in physical fights in the last year, more arguments with friends and teachers, higher hostile attribution scores, and obviously lower grades. These results suggest that video game addiction is a problem among adolescents, particularly among males, and that addiction is associated with adjustment problems like school performance and aggressive attitudes and behaviors.

Why Is Paying Attention To Psychology Video Game Addiction Important?

What is an addiction? Defined very loosely, addiction can be healthy, unhealthy, or a mixture of both. If you are fascinated by a hobby, feel highly devoted to it, would like to spend as much time as possible pursuing it - it could be an outlet for learning, creativity, and self-expression. But very few addictions are such and most our unhealthy. In truly pathological addictions, the scale has tipped and the bad outweighs the good, resulting in serious disturbances in one's ability in functioning in the real world. Almost anything could be targeted of a pathological addiction - drugs, eating, gambling, spending, working, etc. just it and you are sure to find someone out there obsessed with it. Addictions can an attempt to control depression and anxiety and may reflect deep insecurities and feelings of inner emptiness. The important point with psychology video game addiction is that the group addicted is children- the future. We must take steps for preventing psychology video game addiction and the main part must be played by the parents and teachers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Psychology Color Test- Color Reflects Persona !

Color psychology and psychology color test:

Today psychology has entered every field and has established itself firmly. Color psychology is the analysis made of the human character according to his choice of color. There are innumerable psychological tests, which have been developed to understand the human mind better. Psychology color test is one such test. This test has been particularly designed to understand how color influences the complex human mind. One can actually determine an individual�s most vital characteristics with the help of the colors he likes or dislikes or chooses at the time of giving the psychology color test. Why else would they use bright and attractive colors for advertising market products?

Different types of psychology color tests:

Many psychologists have come up with their own unique forms of psychology color tests and their interpretations. Some of the common ones are:

�Rorschach�s inkblot method: A psychologist named Rorschach made this famous psychology color test. This test has cards with inkblots on them. These inkblots are meaningless, and he has used colors like black, gray and yellow. The individual has to interpret or give meaning to the meaningless blot. This way the interpretations made can give an idea about the individual�s nature.
�Color test: by Max Luscher. The individual is given names of various colors, colors like gray, red, violet. He is asked to combine these colors into twos. The combinations are thus interpreted. Characteristics such as impulsivity, emptiness and tensions are interpreted.

Color symbolism:

As already mentioned what color psychology deals with, one can more or less be aware that in color psychology different colors symbolize different states of mind. The psychology color test are developed keeping these symbolisms in mind. For example the color red represents determination and the intensity of a person�s character, the color brown is said to represent the stressed out state of bodily senses, the color yellow is the symbol of a person�s creativity or his open-mindedness, the color violet talks about the person�s impulsive nature and the color black talks about the boundaries of mind, and behind it the world of nothingness. Thus, we can note how significant our choices colors are according to the psychology color test.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Prayer Counseling Ministries: Release Yourself From Mental Bondages

If faith in god can change things then the right place is Prayer counseling ministries that help in reliving a person from the mental tensions and associated problems. If counseling has a religious base then it is more appealing to the masses. As people believe in the power of god it is easy to counsel them using this positive point and hence Prayer counseling ministries are established. These ministries are based on the holy bible and the amount of faith people have in the bible. It is a continuous process but it is not a method based on psychological rules. It believes in the facts in bible and exposure of truth to people.

Other facts:

The power of Jesus is the holiest and purest and so people have started believing in the cure that these Prayer counseling ministries. The power of wisdom and holy truth is considered and hence every thing is considered by the ultimate counselor and comforter that is God Is believed that go leads us to true repentance and forgiveness. The factual truths like redemption, justification, sanctification and transformation are considered and then the people are advised on various problems and issues. We all being the sons as well as daughters of Jesus are a subject for Christ identity.

Prayer counseling:

Prayer counseling ministries advocate a self-search like if one is undergoing through a problem of loneliness and self-pain. When there is seemingly no solution to the problems then Prayer counseling ministries are considered. If there are issues from the past that are unfinished and they bother a person a lot and there is a loss of purpose in the person. The counselors pray aloud so that a mass counseling is done and the people are relieved from their problems. There are a variety of prayers for various purposes like the ones for comfort and for healing of a broken heart, prayers of recognition, confession, repentance or renouncing. It is also said that the prayers are the source that help in increasing the closeness of parent and the child.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Personal Growth Therapy � Understanding Your Own Persona

What is personal growth therapy all about?

A therapy is usually used to bring about an improvement in the client�s mental and emotional state. Personal growth therapy is obviously a way of therapeutically perceiving ourselves more correctly and also making all the necessary alterations to become better human beings and more presentable in the society. The personal therapy has proved to be one of the most useful techniques to help individuals solve problems occurring in their lives because of their personal factors, such as their personality, understanding, and self-esteem. Any sort of disorders in these personal factors can hamper one�s personal and social life. Personal growth therapy is carried out both on individual and group levels.

How is the therapy carried out?

Normal behavior is well defined. Any deviation from this normal behavior is considered trouble and unhealthy. Usually group personal growth therapy is immensely popular as people become more confident when they learn that other people are going through similar problems. They begin to feel that overcoming their problems is not impossible. On the other hand individual therapy is also valuable as sometimes a person may find it difficult to openly discuss his or her problems before everyone. He/she may find it easier to talk about their problems face to face with the therapist. The therapist treats the patient and tries to move his patient into the healthy state.

The necessity for this therapy:

Personal growth therapy is useful to improve an individual�s current abnormal state. It is a therapeutic form of spiritual enlightenment. It begins with making the client realize his problem in the first place. Personal growth therapy should cover all-important aspects that construct a human being. These aspects are memory improvement, better communication skills, discharging past traumas, and moving on with life. Acceptance is the first step towards bringing about a self-improvement. The person is helped to adapt to the society better. The therapists use terms such as acceptability rather than normality. This is to make the client feel comfortable. Personal growth therapy helps the troubled individual to build his/her inter personal and intra personal relations.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Omega3 Fatty Acids And Depression � How Helpful Is It?

Before knowing about how omega3 fatty acids and depression are related and how the former works to improve the later, we must know in detail what Omega-3 fatty acids are. Omega3 fatty acids are a form of polyunsaturated fats that the body derives from food. All polyunsaturated fats, including the omega-3s are being more and more recognized as important to human health. Then what is it that makes Omega3 fatty acids essential? Omega-3s are essential fatty acids because as they are critical for good health but the body cannot make them on its own. Thus, omega-3s have to be necessarily obtained from food, making outside sources of these fats "essential." Though the body needs both omega-3s and omega-6s to thrive, people generally consume far more 6s than 3s and the essential feature is the frequency with which reports of more and more health benefits associated with omega-3sare being found. And one of these health benefits is omega3 fatty acids and depression about which we are about to learn.

Omega3 Fatty Acids And Depression � How Are They Related?

The brain is remarkably fatty, 60% fat to be specific. It needs omega-3s to function properly and researchers have discovered a link between mood disorders and presence of low concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. The question that comes to mind is how exactly will omega3 fatty acids help to improve depression? Apparently, omega-3 acids help to regulate mental health problems as they enhance the ability of brain-cell receptors for comprehending mood-related signals from other neurons in the brain. In other words, omega-3 acids are believed to help in keeping the brain's entire traffic pattern of thoughts, reactions, and reflexes running smoothly and efficiently. As a matter of fact, people who do not get enough omega-3 fatty acids or do not maintain a healthy balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids in their diet have an increased risk for depression. So now you know how omega3 fatty acids and depression are related.

What Is The Final Say?

If you still don�t agree that omega3 fatty acids and depression are related then justify this. Levels of omega-3s were found to be measurably low and the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids was particularly high in a study of patients hospitalized for depression. Also according to a study of people with depression, those eating a healthy diet consisting of fatty fish two to three times per week for 5 years experienced a reduction in feelings of depression and hostility. Thus you have no option but to accept that omega3 fatty acids and depression are related and that the former helps to improve the later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Neuro Psychiatric Lupus � Chronic Terror

Neuro psychiatric lupus is a disease or disorder that can affect several parts of the body, in which the body immunity looses the ability to distinguish between the neutral antigens and its own cells. This causes neuro psychiatric abnormalities in patients. These neuro psychiatric lupus abnormalities have been recognized for almost a century and it�s diagnosis and therapy treatments still remain most complicated and difficult. It�s still a clinical challenge to doctors, although the prognosis has improved a little in the past few years.

New treatments in neuro psychiatric lupus

There have been recent developments in neuro psychiatric lupus treatments, which can be the final answer to diagnosis. According to recent research following are some of the diagnosis methods used for neuro psychiatric patients �

1.Brain imaging was done which is likely to discover mechanisms that can be useful for treatment.
2.Identifying genes for symptoms of neuropsychiatric lupus.
3.Kalwalla is a recent development that can be used for the purpose. It works by restoring correct balance in the body so that the body can resume its normal functioning.
4.A right kind of diet is known to have a big impact on the lupus condition of your body. A good diet is known to de acidify the body, which is necessary once in a while.
Thus these are some of the new radical developments in lupus. Although no treatment is still completely constructive, these can be made use of.

Symptoms found in neuro psychiatric lupus

Following are some of the symptoms that can be found in a person suffering from neuro psychiatric lupus �
�Patients most commonly express strokes, depression and a feeling of dullness.
�Seizures, headaches, and cognitive dysfunction (disordered thinking) are some of the other significant symptoms that can be seen in patients suffering from the disease.
�Death is something that can be caused in more than 20 percent of the patients.
There are projects and researches going on that may lead to an improved state of diagnosis and treatment of neuro psychiatric lupus. Millions of dollars are being spent by various institutes to find out the various causes and come up with fruitful results, in order to eradicate this evil.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Naturopathy Depression � A Way To Recover!

Naturopathy depression- an introduction

What is depression and what is Naturopathy Depression? Sadness and depression are universal responses to defeats, disappointments and even adverse situations. Grief is also a type of reactive depression, which comes in response to separation and loss. Depression and mania can sometimes become medical concerns when the sadness or elation is overly intense or becomes maladaptive causing dysfunction the health, social life and work of the suffering individual. And common belief is that depression heals with time. This is an entirely wrong notion. Depression is not something you can just snap out of your life or which will heal on its own. It needs to be cured and removed from its root cause and Naturopathy Depression is an effective answer. Depression is caused by an imbalance in brain chemicals, along with other factors. Like any other serious medical condition, depression also needs to be treated. Here is where Naturopathy Depression comes into the picture. Different people have different notions about it- some are correct while others are just baseless. So to avoid confusions, here is more about Naturopathy Depression-

Naturopathy Depression � An Over View

Naturopathic Medicine or Naturopathy is the practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the human mind and body. This is done by integrating conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicine. Naturopathy helps in treating the patient�s mental, emotional and physical states for a lasting effect. The foundation of Naturopathic Medicine is the philosophy �healing power of nature�. The meaning of this is that the body has its own healing energy within and naturopathic treatment can help the body to repair itself and recover from illness without or with little chemical medicines. Naturopathy depression helps the body in healing itself by using non-invasive treatments such as nutrition, massage and herbal medicine.

Naturopathy Depression � In Detail

The symptoms associated with depression include feeling of hopelessness, decreased or increased appetite, insomnia, agitation or perception of retardation, inability to make a decision, decreased libido or energy, excessive inappropriate guilt, inability in making a decision and repeated thoughts of death. Naturopathy depression aims at dealing with depression by nourishing the nerve system. This is easily achieved with therapeutic doses of individually selected neurotransmitters and adrenal restorers which include: amino acids, therapeutic herbal extracts as well as certain combinations of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. When using naturopathy depression, one can expect to achieve positive results within 7 to 21 days. However if the depression is secondary to some other condition it needs to be addressed as well. In such a case, merely Naturopathy Depression doesn�t help. A Naturopathy Depression treatment includes reiki, yoga, panic heeling, meditation and Ayurveda among others.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Natural Therapies Depression � Elevate Your Mood

Before taking up the topic of natural therapies depression, we must know what is depression? Depression is a very frequent psychological problem encountered in medical practice. Studies suggest that 13 to 20 percent of American adults exhibit some depressive symptoms. The mortality rate amongst those who are depressed is four times greater than in those without depression and major depression accounts for 60 percent of all suicides. Despite this professional recognition and despite the fact that depression is a treatable condition, only about one third of depressed patients receive appropriate intervention. We shall now learn about natural therapies depression �

Which Natural Therapies Are Used For Depression?

In natural therapies depression, mostly a dietary approach is used. The nutritional treatment of depression includes dietary modifications, supportive treatment with minerals and vitamins and supplementation with specific amino acids, which are precursors of neurotransmitters. Dietary modification and vitamin and mineral supplementation tends to reduce the severity of depression or result in an improvement in general well-being in some cases of depression. But these interventions are usually considered adjunctive as they are not typically effective by themselves as a treatment for clinical depression.

On the other hand, supplementation with the amino acids L-tyrosine and D,L-phenylalanine can be used as an alternative to antidepressant drugs and has been found effective in many cases. Another particularly effective treatment is using the amino acid L-tryptophan. In natural therapies depression, vitamin and mineral therapy is also employed. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies lead to depression. Correcting deficiencies, if present, often relieves depression. However, even if a deficiency cannot be demonstrated, nutritional supplementation improve symptoms in selected groups of depressed patients.

In natural therapies depression, some phyto-medicine considerations are also included. One of these is St. John's wort that is Hypericum perforatum. This is a standardized extract and is licensed in Germany and other European countries as a treatment for mild and moderate depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

How Helpful Will Be Natural Therapies Depression?

Natural therapies depression has been found effective in many cases. For many nutrition-oriented practitioners the answer to depression is as simple as one's own diet. Also natural therapies depression comes sans any or fewer side effects.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

NAET Testimonials Depression: A Therapy Of Cure!!

What is this that we are talking about?

It is important to know as to what is NAET before us discuss about any other ailment. In NAET testimonials depression NAET stands for �Nambdripad�s
Allergy elimination techniques� The NAET testimonials depression is a revolutionary system for dealing with allergies.

What does it aim at?

NAET testimonials depression is one of the most stubborn problems facing mankind in the today�s world. It is a natural, drugless, painless, non-invasive method that can be safely from a one-day-old infant to anyone in the old age, on a relatively healthy person to treat hidden allergies that may be undermining their health and could cause diseases in the future or in the people real suffering.

The aim of NAET testimonials depression is to permanently eliminate allergies and therefore the symptoms arising from them. Allergens are cleared one at a instance with this technique, and the most excellent results seem to be obtain if allergens are empty in a specific succession.

NAET-what is it!!

NAET testimonials depression normally only one item is treated on a known day. The material must then be totally avoided for 25 hours following the treatment. In most luggage that's seems to be all it takes for every allergen. Persons who are highly sensitive may every now and then require additional combination clearings.

All you need to know about NAET:

Here are the details that you need to know about NAET testimonials depression and therefore here is all you need to know what you should do:

�NAET is something that is based on the traditional Chinese Medical theory & practice, but does not need acupuncture needles or herbs.
�It is a gentle, 'hands on', non-invasive action approach. It is aimed at address what is supposed to be the fundamental the cause.
�It is not based on treat the symptoms like taking antihistamines or steroids that might have potentially damaging side effects.
�Any avoidance of criminal substances is usually no longer than 25 hours after conduct for a scrupulous allergen or group of allergic substances.
�Other approaches using long term evasion can lead to an addition to in sensitivity to the theme, causing a more harsh reaction should further get in touch with its occurrence.

NAET testimonials depression is a drastic new treatment approach to allergies that has recently emerge from America.
NAET testimonials depression is comparatively unknown in the UK, by means of very few practitioners.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mixed Bipolar Disorder Zyprexa: The Ultimate Mood Stabilizers

Mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa is used as s mood stabilizers as it is claimed that this disorder can be relieved and there can be an expansion in renewed expansion in product life-cycle management. There is a host of mood stabilizers but zyprexa is gaining popularity due to the anti-psychotic effects. In some cases there is an addition of lithium to extend the time with the patients of bipolar disorder. To treat this problem one needs to know key patient populations identified by sex, co-morbidities and bipolar disorder type and such other points. Mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa can gain expert insight into areas in the public and healthcare sectors. For the effective marketing of this product it is necessary that physicians are targeted much more effectively.

What is bipolar disorder?

Mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa can cure the manic-depressive illness which is a brain disorder that can cause unusual shifts in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function and if this is not cured in time then the person has to undergo a lot of problem like damaged relationships and it can harm the performance of a person at workplace and there is a scare of a sucidal feeling. But there is no problem in treatment of this problem as mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa is used commonly these days. The symptoms occur at a very early stage of life and they can distort moods and thoughts, incites dreadful behaviors, destroys the basis of rational thought, and too often erodes the desire to live.

Medications for this problem:

Mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa is a medicine in recent times but stabilizers and they have been recommended by many doctors as they can provide a temporary relief. There are many anticonvulsant medications and they are mostly combined with lithium, or with any other, for maximum effect. Mixed bipolar disorder zyprexa is also experimented in many ways as it has a lot of positive effects and the output is quite good. It helps to a great deal for curing the thyroid functions as it is proven to be an effective medicine.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mindfulness And Mental Health: The Coordinating Words

Mindfulness literally means awareness of surrounding or heedfulness and it relates to sense of a person. Mindfulness and mental health are said to be coordinating because mental health depends upon surrounding and what does one extract from it. Mindfulness also means the awareness of the mind of self or a watch on functioning of mind constantly. Mindfulness is a sort of meditation and awareness of breathing as it is a part of that. As the process of breathing is very obvious we do not tend to concentrate on that. But if one is successful in getting a control over breathing and control over temperament then the things can become easier and Mindfulness and mental health can work together.

How to achieve mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be achieved if the mental situations are under a control. The human mind is easily disturbed and distracted when there is a hurting, insulting or disturbing experience. The breathing rate, pulse rate and blood pressure are on a rise and there is a lot of negativity in the human mind. If the experience is repeated then it keeps on hampering the human mind and Mindfulness and mental health are affected together. The best thing one can do is avoidance of such situations and remembering all the good memories in past. This is done by self meditation and stress reduction techniques are also used to decrease the aggravated problem.

A complete mental health care:

Mindfulness and mental health are related as they can result into a healthy mind with healthy thoughts. The physical as well as emotional health is recovered if everyday stress is matched by the technique of mindfulness. If one is engrossed in thoughts and ideas or worries constantly while on work then one is not being mindful. Twenty to thirty minutes of the day for self are enough for maintenance of mental health as it is the best method one can follow to relieve stress and stay mentally contented. Mindfulness and mental health are related so that there is an easing out of life and one can get complete mental relaxation.